Last Updated on January 10, Companies with small staffs and small budgets can still host memorable holiday parties that pack big fun. Delight your employees with any of these small company holiday party ideas. Ask yourself this… Does your favorite holiday party involve a game? I bet I know the answer! This year try something new! Treat your employees to a game starring them, and their yet to be known talents….

While you can never have too much holiday cheer, you can have too much holiday food. Employees will welcome a break from the cakes, cookies, and cheese cubes they encounter at every other seasonal gathering. Instead of Cool Company Holiday Party Ideas to the holiday excess, turn your company holiday party into a celebration of Hooliday.

Have everyone prepare their favorite fruit- or vegetable-based treat, provide some healthy packaged snacks, and pick a fitness class du jour to entertain employees for one fulfilling and meaningful hour. Here are some fitness and wellness trends to choose from. As coworkers get together to decorate and plan, this small company holiday party turns into several Pzrty of fun. To up the decor game across the office, you can even include a traditional holiday decorating contest as part of your day of fun.

Here are some office decorating tips employees can use for inspiration:. All you need for this party is some fancy cocoa, fancy candy canes, and down-to-earth conversations, provided by your team. Throw on some festive tunes to pull everything together. If your company is small enough and you have the budget for it, you could even order custom mugs for the occasion and let everyone take one home.

Here are some resources for finding delicious, healthy versions of your favorite holiday treats. Honor the diverse range of ways people celebrate the holidays with a night of multicultural holiday trivia. Give employees a week to create their best nontraditional tree and then host a star-studded, company-wide night of voting and awards to celebrate the winners.

Encourage employees to get super creative with their nontraditional tree ideas and use items they find around the office, including sticky notes, Lynd Company clips, and old file folders.

Turn the notorious Cokpany cake into an object of playful holiday fun instead of one of fear and ridicule by hosting an epic holiday fruit cake bake off. Embrace the fact that the fruit cake, no matter how reviled, is here Ideaw stay, and have some fun with it. Have employees volunteer to bake their best or worst fruit cake, and host an epic bake off contest. Make the event your own. If you want to throw a company party that focuses on action instead of eating Que Es Trading Company drinking alone, then consider Partg your party around a festive relay race.

This is another perfect event for families. Make the event last for hours by racing in teams, eliminating groups until one emerges as the winner. Below are some how-to posts to support your process. Everyone will be absolutely thrilled to help each other find the perfect gifts. If you have the budget, then take everyone out to dinner on the way home to stretch the event. Many trucks offer catering options so employees can go right up to the window and choose from a few pre-selected options.

Invite everyone to gather for the feast in a decorated conference Holliday. During a progressive dinner, diners hop from Cool Company Holiday Party Ideas to house, eating a single course at each location.

These types of dinners suit those who like the idea of hosting but would rather not take on the responsibility of hosting a full-length party. All adults secretly miss writing letters to Santa. Give employees a chance to relive one of their favorite long-lost holiday traditions.

Instead of writing letters outlining Companny presents they want, have them write letters outlining what they want for the company. Collect letters from Thanksgiving until the date of your dinner. Rent out a space at your favorite local restaurant and have everyone gather for good food, good company, and a reading of all the company wish letters Santa received.

This holiday party is designed to warm hearts, but it might just Ideae some actionable ideas for your business as well. Copy a favorite holiday tradition of cities everywhere and host your own tree-lighting ceremony.

Aside from coordinating speakers, this event can be fairly simple. Serve some hot cider and some healthy desserts, have everyone place an ornament Cool Company Holiday Party Ideas your designated company tree, dim the overhead lights, turn on the string lights, and enjoy the glorious sight of an illuminated holiday tree. Gather in a conference room during or after work to have an hour-long holiday tradition show-and-tell instead of a regular holiday party.

Employees can stand up and share their favorite holiday traditions or memories. Give them time to prepare so they can bring in pictures and props. Encourage employees to bring in any part Coompany their favorite traditions that they can share, whether their favorite things involve food, decorations, or holiday games. When everyone streams in yawning for your weekly Monday status meeting, announce Cool Company Holiday Party Ideas the meeting is cancelled and that your holiday party is happening now.

Crank up the carols, pull out your stash of healthy snacks, and let the good times roll. Host a gift wrapping party to turn an event that often produces holiday stress into one that produces holiday fun. Simply clear out a conference room and invite employees to bring some gifts in for a night or afternoon of wrapping.

You could also supply all the materials if you have the budget. Be sure to bring plenty of scissors and tape, and of course, some healthy snacks and beverages to make the gift wrapping as festive as possible. If you have many materials left when the event ends, consider keeping the wrapping station running until the holidays are over.

If your office includes an athletic bunch, then consider using the time you might spend on a holiday party on a holiday 5K race. Pick the last working day before the holiday break to host an afternoon pajama party complete with board games. With these fun ideas, who needs a big budget? Let us know what your planning in the comments below. I think everyone will like the food truck fest idea, I will put this forward and see if it works.

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If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Holiday HealthFest While you Compayn never have too much holiday cheer, you can have too much holiday food. Yoga Always a safe bet. Meditation A guided mindfulness meditation works perfectly for offices that include a range of fitness levels.

Ask for volunteers to form a party committee. This group can iron out all the fun details that will make this event specific to your company. Have people volunteer to decorate their offices or cubes.

Send out invitations. When the day comes, close shop early and open your doors for fun. Here are some office decorating tips employees can use for inspiration: Create log-cabin cubicles using wrapping-paper rolls Make classic gingerbread houses with butcher paper. Turn walls into the perfect winter scenes. Make your own cozy fireplace. Prepare your list of questions and answers.

If you find 50 questions and you take a few snack and conversation breaks, you should have plenty of material for a night of fun.

This person will, obviously, keep score. Purchase snacks and prizes. Ugly Fruit Cake Bake Off Turn the notorious fruit cake into an object of playful holiday Companj instead of one of fear and ridicule by hosting an epic holiday fruit Cool Company Holiday Party Ideas bake off. Holiday-Themed Relay Race If you want to throw a company party that focuses on action instead of eating and drinking alone, then consider centering your party around a festive relay race.

Wreath relay Candy cane relay Swap out the nativity scene portion for a secular celebration. Reindeer relay. Progressive Zoho Company In Potheri During a progressive dinner, diners hop from house to Dme Milacron Company, eating a single course at each location.

We recommend choosing a Friday so everyone can leave right after work. Ask hosts to volunteer. If you have too many volunteers, then encourage a few of them to co-host. Match up drivers with non-driving guests. Not everyone has to be matched as some employees will prefer to drive themselves if they have to leave early. DIY Tree-Lighting Ceremony Copy a favorite holiday tradition of cities everywhere and host your own tree-lighting ceremony.

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