Including settlement agreements, the company announced that it will pay for "three-bureau credit monitoring Credit Company Hacked consumers whose information was impacted in the breach, actual out-of-pocket losses related to the breach, and other consumer benefits such as identity restoration services. We are focused on the future of Equifax and returning to market leadership and growth. If the Court approves, members of the settlement class will receive notification of their rights and options as part of the multi-district litigation.

Credit Company Hacked to the FTC, while people cannot file a claim yet, they can start getting their information together for the process. In terms of claiming a settlement from Equifax, customers Credit Company Hacked claim for expenses they paid as a result of the breach. These include:. You should retain any documents related to efforts to avoid or recover from identity theft from the data breach. The claims process will 2k General Company after the court approval of Equifax's settlement, according to the FTC, which can be accessed on its website.

Do not expect a quick payment, however; the settlement administrator will not send out any benefits until the initial claims period deadline has passed. The FTC Credit Company Hacked that for cash payments, customers can choose to get a check or debit card when they file their claim. Weekly magazine, delivered Daily Newsletter Website access.