Headquartered in Richmond, the company was founded at the height of the Civil War and has 18 branch offices throughout North Carolina, Maryland and Virginia, including one in Farmville. Hunter Watson opened the Farmville branch of the company in downtown Farmville 25 years ago this month, and his two sons, Brad and Cannon, joined their father within a few years. The firm, which also includes longtime staff members Janett Southall and Constance Neilsen, focuses mainly on individual investors, but there is also a sprinkling of endowments, foundations and corporate accounts on the roster.

That really puts us on the same side of the table as our clients. We feel what they feel in good markets and in bad markets. Prior to that, Hunter was in the insurance business, first with Principal Company. For example, Cannon has had elderly clients who, after many years, now receive quarterly dividends that exceed their initial investment in a security. Davenport And Company is not to say that the work itself is boring, especially the research involved in determining whether or not to recommend an investment to a client.

And when our clients ask us about certain types of investments and for our recommendations, we learn about them personally—their careers, their interests, their investment history. One thing that is a constant for the Watsons is their commitment to downtown Farmville. Their offices, located at the corner of Main and High streets, are in a historic building that they purchased and renovated in I can walk down the street and have lunch.

I can walk over to the county courthouse or the to the town office. I find shopping centers to be kind of bland. Cannon, whose college studies touched on urban planning, also recognizes the importance Davenport And Company a strong downtown.

Brad has two children, Claire, 14, and Thomas, 17; and Cannon also has two, Sophie, 12, and Ethan, Should that path lead them back to Farmville, well, that would be fantastic. Search for: Search. Surprisingly, working as a financial adviser can provide similar variety, he said. Farmville Downtown Davenport And Company executive director to start new position in Richmond.

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History. The company was founded by Albert H. Davenport (1845-1905), who began as a bookkeeper at the Boston Furniture Company in 1866, and bought the business about 1880 following the death of its owner. He changed the company's name, and expanded it, opening a showroom in New York City.…