Q: I have some old Davis Furniture. What is its value? A: Many factors are involved in evaluating older furniture, including age, condition, and value to a potential buyer. Davis Cabinet cannot give you an appraisal over the phone or by email. However, we can suggest ways to find answers for yourself. What is a fair price? This may be useful to you for insurance or estate purposes. The appraisal estimates the value of your existing furniture and also provides the replacement cost of furniture that is destroyed or heavily damaged Davis Cabinet Company Furniture fire or accident.

A: Requests for appraisals are not accepted over the phone or by email. Please do not call us for an appraisal. Make a photo of each individual piece taken from at least one angle. Include photos of specific details if applicable.

There may FFurniture labels that identify the manufacturer, the wood species, the finish, the Furrniture, etc. Please note these in your description or take photos of those labels and include them with your packet.

Davis Cabinet has used a variety of labels over the years for our products. If you are unsure of the labels, read the section, "How do I know that my piece is made by Davis Cabinet? Your written description Furhiture include the condition of each piece, noting any scratches, damaged areas, or structural problems. Please review the section, "How do I describe the condition of a Davis piece? See the section, "How Furnitue I determine the age of a Davis piece?

Davis Cabinet made dozens of styles of furniture over the years, all with Cainet names for the style line. If your furniture is a family heirloom, someone may remember the name of it.

You can see these on the web site to determine if your pieces are in one of those two styles. Read the section, "What is the style of my Davis furniture? Stock numbers will be helpful, but they changed over the years, so they cannot be used to identify a particular piece with absolute certainty.

You may find them in many locations on the furniture, so look inside, outside, front, back, and bottom for numbers.

These may be stamped or labeled on the back of the piece, inside a drawer, or underneath. If the finish name has a wood species in it cherry, oak, walnut, etc. Stamps on back of case 01 Stamps on back of case 02 - Documentation of purchase. Sometimes, family members save such paperwork. Family ownership? Recent purchase? Any repairs Davis Cabinet Company Furniture Dacis The official appraisal will be based on the above information.

For insurance purposes, the appraiser can provide the cost of replacement of an item. If the piece is no longer in production, the appraiser can estimate the cost to custom build a new piece Cmpany the original wood material.

The exact hardware used in the original piece may no longer be available today. Q: I want to sell or buy some Davis furniture. A: Fair price depends on what someone is willing to pay for a piece of furniture. A smaller amount was made in black walnut. Davis Cabinet Company has made furniture sinceand our products have been distributed throughout the United States and around the world. The greatest concentration of customers, past and present, is in the South. Davis furniture is often listed for sale in the classified sections of newspapers and on the Internet.

Asking prices can be a good guide. Many people purchase older pieces at auctions and estate sales, especially Xiaomi Company Phone the South. Check with your local Davis Cabinet dealer shown on our web site. If the item is still being produced, your dealer can tell you the price of a new piece, and that can be a guide to value in your area.

Q: How do I describe the condition of a Davis piece? Appears to be in factory-fresh condition. Your grandmother bought it and kept it Comic Con Company the same dark guest room for forty years.

A Excellent. Item has been treated respectfully. Minor scratches only. Grandma loved it, cared for it, and used it every day of her life. B Good Condition. Good overall but item has some finish flaws that may need attention. This may include refinishing the top of a piece rather than the whole case. Well, accidents happen to the best of us. C Needs Refinishing. Structural condition is good but the item may need complete refinishing.

The whole family used this piece at one time or another. D Needs Total Restoration. Item has to be restored structurally and completely refinished.

Or, it got lots and lots of loving use and occasional abuse. F Needs Replacement. Item is damaged beyond repair. Sentimental value only. The description should note if the piece has been repaired or refinished. If a piece needs refinishing or restoration C, Dthen you will need to decide if its value justifies the expenditure. Older Davis pieces are usually worth restoring because they increase in value over the years.

However, this Furnitjre always a personal decision based on whether you want to sell it, use the piece yourself, or pass it on to family. Of course, aCbinet will have to consider the condition when setting a price for the item. Q: How do I determine the age of a Davis piece? A: It is common practice at Davis Cabinet Daviis stamp or mark individual pieces with the month and year of manufacture. However, the method has varied over the decades. But, sometimes they are in other places, or not there at all.

If the piece has drawers, take the top drawer completely out and set it on the floor. Look on the inside of the case Cmopany. Use a flashlight if necessary. A four-digit number may be visible. If you cannot find a date there, look on the back side of the piece. Dining tables and beds will not have the date stamp. Numbers on those items are usually only stock numbers or tracking codes during production.

Q: How do I know that my piece is made by Davis Cabinet? A: Davis Cabinet Company has used a variety of labels over the years.

However, there have been many imitators of Davis Cabinet. Sometimes, local dealers bought from other factories and told their customers that the product was made by Davis. They even brought an old sales ticket from a local furniture store that is now long out of business. The bill of sale specified Davis Cabinet, yet it was clear that it was not a Davis Cabinet product. Imagine their surprise and disappointment! Look very carefully at the details Carport Company Ocala the piece to be sure it matches exactly the styles that Davis Cabinet produced over the years.

And, look for those labels! However, if your furniture was not made by Compxny Cabinet, Davis Cabinet Company Furniture may be quite valuable anyway. Old solid-wood furniture in good condition has lasting value, regardless of where it was made, and even if it needs refinishing. Q: What is the style of my Davis furniture? A: Davis Cabinet has made dozens of styles of furniture since our founding in Lake Cushman Maintenance Company Stock numbers found on the label or stamped on the furniture will be helpful.

Look all over the item for these numbers. However, stock numbering systems changed over the years, so a stock number will not determine the style with absolute certainty. If the furniture has been in the family, someone may recall the name of the style.

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