What I love about DC is that we're not a one-note business. We can be on-line, we can be CD-ROM, we can be video games and interactive toys, or we can be movies, television, animation.

DC Comics Inc. Imitators soon included King Comics and Popular Comics. Donenfeld traveled, building distribution. Created by two "kids" X Company Supply And Demand Cleveland, Superman solidified the industry.

The comic, selling for a dime then, was worth six figures in the s. Initially created in for Science Fictiona fanzine the two published, Superman coincided with Hitler's rise to power and vow to create a race of Nietzschean "supermen.

The second was sans cape but a crime-fighter. Superman reappeared on the cover ofcopies of Action Comics 7, and was selling a million copies by Siegel and Shuster opened a studio, and Superman got Dc Comics Production Company own title, becoming a McClure-syndicated news-strip inappearing in daily newspapers worldwide byand then appearing regularly until Sullivan promptly bought the character, though left later that year to start his own company.

Liebowitz rehired Ellsworth and also hired Weisinger and Jack Schiff from the pulps. But the comics flood was only beginning. NAP sued and the title was canceled Grand Canyon Tour Company one issue.

Fox created The Blue Beetle later that year. All American also featured Jon L. NAP created Superman Inc. InThe Adventures of Superman radio program began. Batman and Robin visited inbeginning regular appearances, and the show ran until The first of 17, this Academy Award-nominated film was suggested to producer Max Fleischer, whose studio had created Betty Boop and Popeye.

William Moulton Marston, best known for creating the lie detector, due to an article the psychologist wrote attacking comics, was approached by Mayer to write comics. Batman became McClure-syndicated in Wonder Woman and Hop Harrigan also had newspaper runs. Superman villain The Toyman debuted. Batman finally beat Superman to the punch, becoming the first NAP superhero with a live-action film. Columbia Pictures released a part serial entitled Batman. The Three Mousketeers also debuted that year.

Superboy introduced Lana Lang, Millerbernd Manufacturing Company created contradictions Supe was not a superhero until adulthood, did not meet Lois until Metropolis.

Siegel and Shuster did not like the character, suing NAP for royalties, which they received, but left the company, creating a rift untilwhen they were awarded compensation, pensions, and credit again on their creations. Buck among the writers. Marston died in ; Kirby and Simon created a new Sandman; Mayer quit to return to drawing, and after World War II interest in superheroes began to slump.

InSuperman debuted in film, appearing in Columbia's chapter serial Supermanproduced by Sam Katzman, who also produced Batman and Robin and Atom Man vs. Superman George Reeves played Superman in the superhero's first feature film, Superman and the Mole Menserving as the pilot for the television series Adventures of Superman Inwith a booming comics industry, Dr.

Fredric Wertham of Bellevue launched a Congressional inquiry when he blamed comic books and their gruesome, lurid covers for growing juvenile delinquency, and asserted that Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman were homosexual. Though the industry created the self-governing Comics Code Authority, EC Comics was essentially destroyed, as were other comics publishers. Two years later The Justice League of America debuted.

It's A Plane It's Superman! The superhero icon was also immortalized in paintings by both Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

Concurrently, Batman debuted on television, appeared in a film and two animated TV series, plus novels, collections of kids' letters to Batman, and every Xtra Lease Company Information item imaginable. NPP and Warner Bros. InNPP debuted Dc Comics Production Company Wein and Bernie Wrightson's innovative horror title Swamp Thing --which would become a cult hit movie and sequelas well as a spinoff Quality Cage Company seriesand animated miniseries That same year Tarzan came to DC.

InPrezPlop! Marvel's Dr. Strange Dc Comics Production Company, and Captain America and The Punisher were shot, but never released. Wonder Woman debuted in a TV moviefollowed by a seriesand Jonah Hex got his own title Dc Comics Production Company Kahn became publisher in and president five years later, and was credited with revamping the entire company. InDC's Camelotbecame the first original offset series sold through direct-sales market, followed by Frank Miller's Ronin and Sun Devils InDC cleaned house, consolidating all of its universes including those acquired from Fawcett, Charleton, and Qualitybut some heroes--Supergirl, Silver Age Flash, and Nighthawk--paid the ultimate price.

A second housecleaning came inwith Hal Jordan's Green Lantern becoming the victim. That summer, DC outsold Marvel for the first time in years. During the ss, industry birthday parties abounded, with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs all hitting the golden mark, andrespectively.

InWarner Communications merged with Time Inc. That year also marked Mainstays Company 50th birthday. However, he was resurrected in and married Lois in Inseemingly only Kool-Aid advertised Elite Plus Company comics.

But inan upsurge occurred. DC debuted a new line--"Vertigo"--offering innovative graphic stories to adult readers of nontraditional comics.

The psychologically compelling, cutting-edge titles ranged from science fiction to horror to dark fantasy. Batman Forever was the top-grossing film ofand DC comics appeared in Waldenbooks. Batman and Robin debuted in By mid, Action Comics and Detective Comics were still appearing, along with numerous other titles. Toggle navigation. User Contributions:. Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new Dc Comics Production Company about this topic: Name:.

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