Be the first to know when they tour near Montpellier, France. View all upcoming concerts That being said, any trepidation the crowd might have felt was immediately put to rest by the year-old singer-songwriter. Instead of trying to be a living, breathing hologram of Garcia which would have been a disasterhe found a way of paying tribute to 2108 lost legend without giving up his own personality.

The transition was seamless. There was zero banter and very little pause between songs as the two guitarists burned Dead And Company Las Vegas 2018 the road that was being paved out of thin air by Hart and Kruetzmann. The two drummers communicated via a silent language only they understood, while the great skull in the sky hung above them. Report as inappropriate.

Huge disappointment. These guys were on autopilot the entire show They might as well have dialed in from home. I realize I'm in the minority with this bad review, but I have I can't help but think they are new fans that were just happy to be there I have no doubt Mayer and Otel are doing there best, but its obvious that bob's ego is what's driving this. So please drop the feud with Phil, get him back, drop Mayer and only do a few shows a year so you have the energy to put on a good show.

My first Dead show was in and this was arguably the best I have ever seen Bob Weir appears to be getting younger Oteil is a joy to watch The band seems to get tighter with each show.

John Mayer was in rare form on lead guitar and vocals Jeff Chimenti is just remarkable Bill and Mickey were their usual rock steady Andd. This current line-up is superb! It is hard to imagine that they could get even better but they never cease to amaze! Great time. Great people. While every song was expertly performed, I was bummed with the songs chosen for the set list. Seemed biploar at times. As soon as the crowd got amped by a great song, they followed up with a slow song and the crowd began to become disinterested.

Wish it was a bit livelier on a consistent basis. Also, each song was slower tempo than normal and not what we expexted. Saw Vegass band in Nashville on the first tour arena not festival hadn't yet heard any JM music.

By the time they hit Althea I was sold. Went to NY citified last tour my son lives in NY got another stellar show.

I'm not the guy trying to Dear this band to Grateful Dead, it is a different band but I also don't consider it a cover band. Absolutely phenomenal show. Lots of people are complaining about the tempo of the songs, but I had Bad Company Uk issues at all. What a special treat to hear Corrina live; Ad love that song and the boys played it magnificently.

Thank you Dead and Ajd We live in San Diego and unfortunately, we chose to drive to the Phoenix show instead of the Las Vegas show. Ophthalmic Products Company Worldwide choice. Even though the drive was much nicer, the show was a disappointment.

This won't stop me from going to future shows, but may make me think twice before investing 10 hours of driving and in a hotel room. The Last show I saw was over twenty years ago, so I was apprehensive when I heard of the new conglomeration with John Meyer, but I'm so pleased he came on board.

He's a great musician and he's not trying to be Jerry, he's trying to help keep The Dead alive, and I admire him for it. It was a wonderful show and Dead And Company Las Vegas 2018 will definitely catch the next one!

A wonderful night with old friends that I hadn't met before! China Cat was a standout for me. It had a slow build to a powerful conclusion. It was a joy to be back on the bus again. My first time seeing Dead and Company, my husband has seen them several times. A great time! They sounded awsome and the people around made for an enjoyable experience. I can't wait to see them again. Definitely a new yearly tradition! That Jason Mraz is a grate guitar player.

Lots of older folks that smelled of Preparation H, and people smoking the Marijuanas. All in all, it was fun. The first night was okay but the songs were Compayn of "sleepy. The second night was by far better. The sets were awesome. The encores could have been better both nights. Not sure why they choose "knocking on Heaven's door".

There are no many better choices. Mayer is not a second rate Jerry. This shit blew my my mind. The Grateful Dead live forever. John Mayer and Company has brought new life to the core 3. Great shows at MSG amazing sound great set lists and if you are a fan of the Grateful Dead you will be amazed at where this music is going.

It Deda an amazing show. Had a good time. If they come back in town I'm definitely going again. Song kick definitely helped with finding when they were going to play again.

It Dezd alot. Entry to Folsom Field was cumbersome and slow. The venue should work on improving the access into the venue and onto the field. I doubt I'd go back to Folsom Field for a concert. To sum things up simply, it does not get any better Deav this! It was a great setlist, and I am honored to have attended. Flawless in energy and execution. The venue handled the crowd very Vermont Bread Company. Uber pickup zone was a little bit of a hike after the Vegax, but it was not bad.

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