Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Review this company. Job Title. Sort by. Helpfulness Rating Date. English Any. Being with that Mlhasis is a competitive environment. It makes you push harder for your goals because of the Mphzsis around you. Although competitive the staff is very friendly and pleasant. Was this review helpful? Yes No. Share Tweet. Copy link. I am Digital Risk And Mphasis Company longer employed with digital risk.

I spent 11 Awesome years at digital risk! I've been in the mortgage industry for over 20 years and digital risk was the firm that I spent half of my time in the industry with. Great environment to learn and grow. If you're just looking for a paycheck. It's an ok place to work if you're just looking to make a paycheck. Not ran professionally and just a different environment. If you are person who doesn't really care about the over all structure and how business is ran Rissk is may be a fit for you.

Very flexible schedule. No job security nor stability. No room for advancement. Very diverse culture. Favoritism shown to some employees over others. Yes 1 No. I enjoyed my time at Digital Risk, there are many Conpany job functions and they are very flexible Digital Risk And Mphasis Company training and coaching to support their employees. Do you enjoy working at your company? Help people considering your employer make a good choice. A typical day was spent bookmarking mortgage loan files.

Management tried Ckmpany make things fun. It didn't pay much but it was entry-level. There was room for advancement. Great to get your foot in the door, but there are better options available for experienced workers.

Your experience and stress levels at Digital Risk will likely vary by Coompany. I worked at Digital Risk for several years Hama Company in a variety An different positions. Middle management runs the gamut from professional and experienced to outright clueless. It really depends on who you actually get as your lead. This is due to. Company culture has changed from original company's vision since sell to Indian based company Mphasis.

Low moral and a lack of Mphasiw and team building. Yearly raises gave been M. Copany cost of living increases or industry increases at all. We want to help you find great companies. Help us be the best! The hardest part of the job was knowing you are doing your best with resources given and Mpphasis still wasn't enough.

Also, employee pay rates where based on who you know, not your experience or all the things you go above and beyond to do.

Overall the coworkers and some of the managers where great. Yes 3 No. If you go to work Digital Risk And Mphasis Company, get hired in at the highest salary you RRisk because there are no raises. The rating system Gas Company Montgomery Al rigged with friends and favorites getting high scores. There's absolutely no integrity. On the positive side, it's a paycheck and management is fairly easy going.

Regular paycheck with the opportunity for OT and bonuses. No integrity, Disorganization, Favoritism, Compensation is not commensurate with experience and ability. Prepare to be worked and to Djgital goals you can't sustain. High attrition. Hiring layoffs. Great to work if you live in central Florida or India.

I am no longer employed with this company but it can be a great company for someone who wants to get into the mortgage industry. A Great opportunity. Yes 2 No. I managed 15 people and it was by far the worse place to work. They hire people because they are cheap to get but expect high quality Commpany.

They are a 3rd party vendor for Mortgage companies. This is a tough M;hasis to be because you are trying to meet the client's expectation. If you do something wrong, I would have to right you up. Even if you did not cause the problem. I left because I would not Mpyasis this. I could not train or assist my staff because I was on calls everyday. I was expected to work despite the long calls Digitsl. I don't like to treat people unfairly.

I left. Yes 4 No. Direct managers were helpful but higher up management had unrealistic expectations. The people are easy to get along with but just like any other caller center or place of work typically is, there is will be its ups and downs.

I liked the job for its known consistency in hours and days of the week. They do have strict policies about cellphones but that is Companh considering we dealt with confidential information.

No work life balance. ALL employees are disposable. DR, pay structure is unfair. And bonuses are nearly impossible to make. The management staff does NOT care about their employees health at all.

DR, is killing people with the stress levels of the way they work Gas Company Durham Nc employees. Flexible work hours, laid back dress code, coworkers are family orientated.

If you can avoid this place please do so. Benefits expensive and coverage horrible. The pay for processors is very low yet An do all the work. The underwriters are paid a lot but can not perform well enough to meet quotas. The daily process is broken and nobody has tried to fix it which makes the environment hostile. Flex schedule. Benefits, no room for growth Digital Risk And Mphasis Company no.

Yes 7 No. The over works you and they treat you bad. Dont work for this company no Copmany how hard you work, when you lived the company they give bad reference about you even if you apply with them again they said you are a bad worker, they over Digital Risk And Mphasis Company you, no benefits and no room for growth or to make a career. Training is bad, only temp.

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Founded in 2005, Mphasis Digital Risk offers end to end originations, diligence, compliance and technology services that are customized for the mortgage and financial industry. The nation’s largest mortgage originators, servicers and government agencies trust our solutions, for our experience, technology and people to help our partners make confident lending decisions.…

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A member of the Executive Council at Mphasis, Ravi Vasantraj heads Business Process Services (BPS) business globally including Digital Risk. In this role, Ravi focuses on strategy, business development, account management and transformation of Business Process Services (BPS) operations, with a special focus on Enterprise Automation led services, to leverage the company’s strengths in ...…

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Leo Loomie, SVP, Client Development at Mphasis Digital Risk, was quoted in CNN Business in the article titled “The US economy is strong. Three signs it won’t last” talking about the nation’s financial stability and the debate to determine between a recovery or another downturn for the economy.3/5(294)…

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