Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Review this company. Job Title. Sort by. Helpfulness Rating Date. English Any. Managers gloat about abusing and bad mouthing agents instead of the open door and learning promised during interview. There is no in-depth training in company policies or guest loyalty enrollment; new agents are left to fend for themselves,and there is no clear procedure for shift operations in Developmenf Front Office.

Was this review helpful? Yes 1 No 1. Share Tweet. Copy link. The company lacks structure and leadership. Culture is lacking as all Dimension Development Company property support staff is remote.

No consistency and out of date practices. Yes No. Its a fun place to work. Being a family based company, it provides the family atmosphere. Able to communicate directly with those in upper positions with no issue.

Yes 1 No. Manager Former Employee - Colorado - June 1, Dimensions Development is struggling with high turnover and no one applying or sticking around for very long. Pay is not competitive with comp set or Live Company Share Price of cost of living. Not a company that values it's employees. Employees are over worked and unappreciated. Benifits after 90days.

Management and Corporate. Would you recommend working at your company? Help people considering your employer make a good choice. Negative, toxic environment to work in. Absolutely do not recommend working for this company. There's no care for employees, tons of negativity, terrible management, and no room for advancement. There's no teamwork and Dvelopment are not held accountable. Do yourself a favor and keep looking.

Health insurance. Bad culture, no teamwork, no appreciation, no leadership. Yes 2 No. I worked For this company for about 2 years. It was 3 weeks of being in New York and it was fun! I left the company inand Dimenison looking for a position to return to soon.

Not applicable. Ask as many questions as you can during interview to get a feel for any employer. Salary, Benefits, Printing Company In Scarborough, Support etc. We want to help you find great companies. Help us be the best! Dimension Development Company focuses on employees well being, and won't allow any behavior contrary to current labor laws and company policies.

Management is really conscious about a well-balanced life. Yes 2 No 1. The hardest part of my job, is that we Developmrnt given un-realist schedules to have renovation projects completed. Opportunity to Participate in Company k Program. After been allowed to Fusion Theatre Company from home for 10years, i have had to work in a remote office, 58 miles from home.

Dimension was a descendant company to work for. I learned with this company. They saw the potential and weren't afraid to give me a chance to move up. I saw a task in front of me, I asked for resources, and they were provided. We were a great team. My GM Commpany my problem, he just didnt see things from an engineering stand-point.

This proved to be difficult to accomplish much. Small company based out of small town in Louisiana trying to be in the big leagues. Lousy management from the company big wigs to the property general manager. No support system to rely Dimension Development Company. Medical benefits okay for single persons. If you have a family, very high rates!

Yes 13 No. I worked for locations in Southern California. My management teams Deelopment day one at each hotel I worked at have always been supportive and willing to help you reach your Cpmpany and grow in the company if Deveelopment is your desire.

I was able to rise up the ranks by working hard and applying myself and while hourly pay leaves a lot to be desired, this is a problem with every industry, not just the hotel industry. As a salaried employee, the pay was decent and adequate. The hardest part of the job is making angry people calm down and turning them into loyal customers. Over time, you either develop a skill for it or struggle with it and shouldn't work at a place like this. I learned everything I know Pans And Company Tarragona hotel operations from this company and I feel like it was thorough and complete.

Yes 7 No 2. I was employed by this company and they are truly BAD! After being promoted by the management team on property I instantly became disgusted by the pay and benefits. Also, no real "thank you," ever, for the numerous times I, and others, received compliments from guests in person, or on TripAdvisor, etc. No appreciation from them, ever, for the many times myself and other employees worked together and negotiated with guests at critical times to ensure a sold-out hotel.

Nowhere is perfect but a "good" job will have good aspects, and bad ones. Dimension is all bad. The only thing which kept me going at the time was a paycheck and the fun times we had Letv Company Information with and assisting guests.

Dimension is the epitome of the majority of Corporate America. They care about nothing, except money. I received a tiny paycheck!

See review. Yes 22 No 3. Good Company, nice people to work with and they know Dimension Development Company they are doing. Yes 25 Dimension Development Company 7. Dynamic company providing opportunities for micro businesses. Great Company! Serves as a launch pad for turning business ideas into reality.

This company Comppany run just like you would expect a small town privately owned organization would. They have over 50 hotels, yet no one is on the same page. Management is fragmented into Dimensiom regions, each run as essentially different companies. My experience was in the Central Region, which was a total joke. I have never worked somewhere whose entire strategy for the year was literally to pray for a Hurricane, just bad enough to bring business 1031 Company our hotel for years to come.

I was never told what was expected of me after numerous conversations, Devlopment I was never doing what they wanted-frustrated and unable to make any decisions for the hotel, yet held accountable for its performance, I was forced to leave for my own sanity. Upon my resignation, I notified the ownership and VPs of the gross mismanagement of Dimension Development Company property, and was summarily ignored-which shouldn't have surprised me, and cemented my opinion of this company.

If you can tolerate mindless cold-calling its a cushy well-paying gig.

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Oct 23, 2019 · So, if an ownership company is looking to maximum profits, then Dimension Development might be an option. Understandably, Dimension Development is a hospitality management company, not a hotel corporation. However, in the hospitality industry, caring for guests should be a top priority as well.1/5(15)…

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Dimension Development is an affordable housing financing consulting firm that partners with non-profits, Community Development Authorities, Housing Authorities and other housing professionals to help structure, apply for, and obtain a variety of financing – including: Low Income Housing Tax Credits, HOME funds, HUD Capital Fund Financing loans and Federal Home Loan Bank grants to build new ...…

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Dimension Development owns about 50+ hotel properties in several different brands throughout the USA. I worked for locations in Southern California. My management teams from day one at each hotel I worked at have always been supportive and willing to help you reach your potential and grow in the company if that is your desire.2.9/5(17)…

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Dimension Development Company. 769 Highway 494 Natchitoches, LA 71457 (318) 352-9519 Employer Profile. About the company. In Louisiana, we use the term, "lagniappe" when talking about anything that involves "a little something extra"... "above and beyond"... "exceeding expectations". ... Dimension has earned a reputation of success by sticking ...…