Dongfeng Motor Corporation is a Chinese state-owned automobile manufacturer headquartered in WuhanChina. In addition to commercial and consumer vehicles, it also manufactures parts and cooperates with foreign companies, with joint ventures like Dongfeng YulonDongfeng Yueda KiaDongfeng HondaDongfeng Motor Co.

The company was the second-largest Chinese vehicle maker in by production volume manufacturing over 3. Commercial vehicle production that year was Dongfeng Motor Group Company than all other domestic Yin Yang Company at nearlySome sources may refer to the company as Dong Fenguse an acronym like DFMor use the name in conjunction with others when referring to a subsidiary, joint venture, or other associated enterprise.

Between [12] alongside the market-based Chinese economic reforms instituted by Deng XiaopingDongfeng was transformed from a manufacturer of two heavy-duty trucks [4] with fragmented operations and ownership into a single, centrally managed enterprise.

By the mids, its assets had tripled from those initially given to it by the state inand management was desirous of even greater production capacity. This state owned enterprise [16] has come into conflict with authority at both the national and provincial levels. Inintermediate holding company of the group, Dongfeng Motor Groupbecame a listed company in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange ; Dongfeng Yueda Kia remained in the unlisted portion of the group. Dongfeng announced in November that they intend to sell their vehicles Vail Cab Company Japan.

Init sold 1. At the Beijing Auto Show, Dongfeng displayed an electric Dongfeng Motor Group Company concept car, a physical representation of its vow to bring an electric car to market by China subsidises oil, an incentive for the State to spur alternative energy vehicle development, and Chinese automakers see opportunities in less mature electric vehicles because Western companies have yet to develop much of a lead in the technology.

Inthe company sold 2. It was the second-largest Chinese automaker in by production volume, and Dongfeng manufactured over 2. Dongfeng established its first Dongfeng Motor Group Company and development facility outside of China in October when it acquired a 70 percent stake in the Swedish engineering company T Engineering AB. Dongfeng sells vehicles under various brand names. Own-brand Fengshen models include a hatchback as well, the Fengshen H Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co. Dongfeng Skio is a sub-brand of Dongfeng that focuses on producing electric vehicles.

A Nissan joint venture engine production base in ShiyanHubei provincewas producing diesel engines c. A China-only product line debuted in with the Gienia, a mid-size hatchback. Primary production may be at its two WuhanHubeiproduction sites, [59] one of which became operational c. Nissan and Dongfeng have a long-standing relationship. Early on, the Chinese company produced diesel-powered Nissan trucks built from complete knock-down kitsand Nissan lent Dongfeng technical assistance.

It remains Nissan's only Chinese partner [50] although each foreign automaker is allowed two. Established in[10] Dongfeng Motor Co. A few of its Dongfeng-branded light commercial vehicles have been exported to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa, and the Middle East.

Other joint ventures include Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Co, a unit of Dongfeng Motor Company [72] that makes automobiles for the domestic market and has exported to Egypt. A passenger-car production base [77] and technical center [78] in GuangzhouGuangdong[77] are part of both the Nissan joint venture Dongfeng Motor Co [10] and a unit of that joint venture, [72] Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Co.

Another Guangzhou production base manufactures Nissan engines. A handful of Nissan joint venture production bases are located in XiangfanHubeimaking light commercial vehicles and cars. Its first Peugeot-branded product was introduced in Some of the engines made by this joint venture are used in other Dongfeng passenger car products, the Fengshen S30 and H30, for example.

Created in lateDongfeng Renault Automotive Co Ltd plans to producewhole vehicles per year at an as-yet-unbuilt production base in China. As ofKorean automakers in China continued to flog a product mix highly reliant on less-favored sedans and were seeing flagging sales amid rising political tensions between China and the Korea peninsula.

An equally owned joint venture with Taiwanese automaker YulonDongfeng Yulon [92] [93] or Dongfeng Yulong [94]was set up in [95] and will manufacture Yulon's Luxgen models in China. Its manufacturing site is located in Hangzhou producing UD branded commercial vehicles and buses. Volvo's first joint venture company with Dongfeng, Dongvo Truck Co was the precursor to a larger scale cooperation, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles, but may continue to exist independently of this newer legal entity.

Originating from Hubei provinceDongfeng now has sites throughout China. Its primary production base for passenger vehicle manufacture is in Wuhancapital of Hubei provincewith secondary sites in the city of WenzhouCall Teco Electric Company province. Foreign countries where Dongfeng has or had a presence include: PakistanIndonesia[99] Malaysia[99] Myanmar[99] Paraguay[] Philippines[] Vietnam[99] and the United Kingdom[] et al.

Dongfeng has a joint venture for assembly of commercial trucks with Pakistan's Ghandhara Nissan []whereas it assembles DFSK light commercial vehicles in Pakistan as a joint venture with Regal automobile industries limited []. Dongfeng sponsored the Chinese entry for the — Volvo Ocean Racea round-the-world sailing race.

Some Dongfeng heavy duty trucks are sold as military vehicles, and limited exports under the name Dongfeng Aeolus have been occurred. Dongfeng has, at times, exported military spec vehicles to conflict-ridden nations and places including to Myanmar in and into DarfurSudanthat same year. This precipitated the Government Pension Fund of Norway abstaining from investment in Dongfeng Motor Group for a seven-year period between [] and From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Dongfeng Motor Groupthe subsidiary.

Not to be confused with Dongfeng Motor Co. WuhanHubei. Main article: Venucia. Main article: Dongfeng Fengdu. Main article: Dongfeng Fengshen. Main article: Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor. Main article: Dongfeng Honda. Main article: Dongfeng Motor Co. Main article: Dongfeng Renault. Main article: Dongfeng Yueda Kia. Main article: Dongfeng Yulon. Main article: Dongvo.

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