Environmental Quality Management, Inc. EQM is an environmental engineering and remediation company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio that has been active in providing environmental remediation support in response to terrorist attacks, the space shuttle disaster, superfund site cleanup, hazardous chemical spills and natural disasters.

EQM conducted a Environmental Quality Company study of residential buildings located Zee Music Company 2017 and southwest of Ground Zero to determine the presence of dioxins, PCBs, inorganic metals, and asbestos. EQM made recommendations to ensure proper cleanup of the asbestos-contaminated dust and to reduce the exposure of cleanup personnel and occupants returning to buildings. The company assisted in coordination of NIEHS-WETP grantee activities at the WTC Site, assessed the current safety and health status of response personnel working at the WTC Site, evaluated the current Site safety and health plans or programs and related aspects such as exposure monitoring with respect to worker protections, and performed a preliminary training needs assessment specific to the WTC Site activities.

EQ assisted in the mobilization of response resources, including coordination with the New York City Building and Construction Trades Council and the Construction Employers Association, Bechtel Corporation the contractor responsible for developing the overall WTC Disaster Site Safety and Health Planand other parties with respect to the training programs Dns Construction Company could be promptly provided by the grantee organizations.

Several other congressional office buildings also showed evidence of anthrax contamination and had to be fumigated. Responding to these life-threatening hazards, EQ was on site at Capitol Hill within 24 hours with crews and equipment to develop biocidal treatment of Bacillus Anthracis endospores.

EQM led, developed, and trained multiple contractors to deal with personnel, equipment, and gasification decontamination. EQM also designed, constructed, and manned modular multi-chamber decontamination containment systems in three locations in the Hart Senate Office Building. EQM refined construction units to make them quicker to assemble during daily setup and tear-down. EQM developed handbooks, established Standard Operating Procedures, and taught specialized decontamination procedures.

Within hours of the Columbia disaster, U. Before long, EQM and its team had 75 trained response personnel in the field assisting with the recovery effort. Due to concerns over hazardous exposures and site disturbances, the company was under pressure to rapidly accomplish and secure Environmental Quality Company. Chemical hazards encountered included hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide, in addition to risks of explosive, flammable, corrosive, and reactive materials.

The award recognized EQ for its outstanding accomplishments in recovering debris from the Yorkshire Coffee Company Shuttle Columbia. EQM provided environmental cleanup and waste management services in eight parishes in Louisiana affected by Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. The company was an integral part of the search and rescue operation. The company immediately dispatched people employees and subcontractors to assist with the effort.

At the height of the rescue mission, the EQM team was working 15 to 18 hours a day Environmental Quality Company living in a tent city. Sixty boats were deployed continuously from New Orleans to various parishes in an effort to search for survivors and bring them to shore. Environmental Quality Company the search and rescue effort was completed, the company turned its attention to removing debris and hazardous waste.

The work involved identifying, labeling, packaging, and arranging transportation and disposal of massive amounts of household waste, manufacturing and refinery waste, and large appliances containing refrigerants. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Since its founding in 1990, Environmental Quality, Inc. (EQI) has consistently provided high quality client- and project-specific environmental services to a growing number of government and private sector clients within the continental United States and abroad. By embracing teamwork and unified expectations,…

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Commitment to Quality. Environmental Quality, Inc. (EQI) is a multi-disciplined environmental contractor that provides a broad spectrum of services to local, state and federal governments and private clients.EQI has gained peer recognition for our extensive experience in environmental issues and commitment to quality from project planning through completion.…