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Shne, there have been videos of him doing the office reveal which is Garrett And Shane Company just an apartment and a couple of videos of him and Garrett and varying other Old Republic Company, like Trish in it since then.

They still have the apartment. Morgan just uploaded a video a few weeks ago about her spending the night there. She actually moved in. He still does conspiracy but he doesn't want to only do those. They still have the office. Morgan has actually moved into it for the time being. In one of Ryland's latest videos we got a look around the office and we got some detail. So from everything we've seen, this is how I understand it. It's just we don't hear much about that side of things.

Shane's, Ryland's, Garrett's, Morgan's. Are all probably produced under the company. For business reasons. Accounting, tax reasons. But, again, all that is boring business stuff.

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