Over years Haberdashers Livery Company, today it fulfils its charitable purpose primarily through its involvement with schools. The Clerk, who is in essence the Chief Executive, supports the Master, Wardens and the Court of Assistants in the management of these resources, and by doing so assists in steering the evolution of the Company in ways that ensure that it remains a Keil Equipment Company and effective institution for centuries to come.

After nearly eight Haberdashers Livery Company of dedicated service to the Company, the current Clerk has indicated his wish to retire in Autumn This is also a rare chance to join one of the leading charities in the City of London, and to play a crucial role in supporting the strong and vibrant community of Haberdashers Haberdashers Livery Company their work.

Candidate Pack. To apply, please send a cover letter and CV to haberdashers minervasearch. Closing date for applications is Friday 10 th January at noon, but early applications are welcomed. Cookies may have been placed on your computer to make this website better. Click here to change your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're OK to continue.

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The Haberdashers' Company

The Haberdashers' Company is one of the Great Twelve Livery Companies and has a long history closely connected to the development of the City of London. Today, the Company is in the privileged position, thanks to benefactors both past and present, to continue ……

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A liveryman is a full member of his respective company.. When a freeman becomes a liveryman, the candidate is said to be 'enclothed': indeed, a livery gown is placed on him at the court and he is seen at the next formal or social occasion wearing it. Thereafter only the master, wardens and assistants in companies are seen wearing these at company events.…

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The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers, one of the Great Twelve City Livery Companies, is an ancient merchant guild of London, England associated with the silk and velvet trades. — History and functions — The Haberdashers' Company follows the Mercers' Company (inc. 1394, also connected withDate of formation: 1448; 570 years ago…