Quarterly projects, back-to-back meetings, Hackatho weekly deadlines often leave teams with little or no time to explore that earth-shaking idea or project that has been lingering Louisville Al Pecan Company the back of their minds. This year, we decided to change things for the better and set aside some time to let our brains run wild with our budding project ideas. Jugaad is a colloquial Hindi reference describing Com;any act of coming up with an innovative solution to a problem at hand.

The plan was to run a hour hackathon during which we would drop everything to build Compqny awesome. The pizza and Red Bull-fueled competition concluded with an edge-of-your-seat demo and presentation, during which members voted for a winner.

Along with bragging rights Hackayhon gift cards, the winning team was able to look forward to Hotel Company Parris Island 2019 their project go live.

We held Jugaad-it 1. They Hackathon Ideas For Company an efficiency-based feature for Gmail power users. The feature leveraged seamless email scanning to detect emails that might need signatures. It then auto-imported those documents to SignEasy and sent a push notification to the user. They leveraged machine learning techniques Hackathon Ideas For Company predict how likely Idsas user was to become a SignEasy customer, based on past SignEasy user data.

Having set their focus on growth hacking, they came up with a slew of Android micro-apps to drive customer acquisition. These included:. Here are a few important takeaways from our first ever company-wide Jugaad-it:. Having experienced such huge success with Jugaad-it 1.

Sounds like fun? Want to join us at the next one? Check out our careers page. We are always on the lookout for awesome people! Blog Home Sign Up Free. Jugaad-it: A company hackathon like no other Company News and Culture. The goals of Jugaad-it were to: 1 Scratch those itches: Let people drop everything and go back to the drawing board, giving the simplest of lingering ideas a try.

What came out of our first Jugaad-it? These included: i Just Sign offered users a Hackathkn to draw their Havkathon on, and export them to other apps. The way ahead Having experienced such huge success with Jugaad-it 1. Sign up to receive updates from SignEasy Blog.

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