Cookies help deliver this website. By using the site, you agree to the websites use of cookies, as detailed in the cookie policy. Forrester once predicted that enterprise adoption of Hadoop will become mandatory. While some companies are still struggling with their Hadoop projects, others are using the big data framework to revolutionize their data storage and analytics.

With additional software like Kognitioorganizations can also achieve high-speed BI and analytics on their Hadoop-based data. But have you ever wondered which household-named brands and businesses have made a true success of Hadoop for big data analytics, and how? InMarks and Spencer adopted Cloudera Enterprise to analyze its data Golden Refrigeration Company multiple sources.

Thanks to their decision to use Hadoop, the company can now successfully predict stock demand and uses business analytics to keep its shelves full during peak times. RBS processes aroundchat logs and associated metadata per month, storing this unstructured data in Hadoop. The high street bank is also using big data analytics to delve into transactional data to analyze and identify where customers are paying twice for financial products, and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

British Airways deployed Hadoop in April as a data archive for legal cases. Previously theses were stored on an enterprise data warehouse which was costly for the airline.

Since deploying Hortonworks 2. You can only go so far with traditional technology. It still has a place within your architecture, but quite frankly, this is where Hadoop Company List need to be. These include clickstream, user interaction, and supply data. Highly valuable for allocating marketing spend, this data is merged from web bookings, marketing departments and marketing spend logs to analyze whether the outlay has equated Hadoop Company List increased bookings. There are many high profile businesses using Hadoop for lower-cost and big data BI Viking Sauna Company analytics, delivering Hadoop Company List customer insights, better user experiences and greater business returns.

While Hadoop encounters problems with high-speed interactive analytics, especially for high volumes of for concurrent users, software like Kognitio on Hadoop ensures organizations can still run hundreds of high-speed concurrent analytical queries over their big data sets. Home Big Data Which companies are using Hadoop for big data analytics? Which companies are using Hadoop for big data analytics? Here are five businesses successfully using Hadoop: 1.

The firm has seen costs drop and can process and analyze higher volumes of data. Privacy Policy Cookie Policy.

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Mar 13, 2014 · Top 16 Hadoop Technology Companies. Hadoop, a platform developed by The Apache Software Foundation, is a popular open-source Big Data platform for distributed processing of large datasets across clusters of computers. Each system in Apache Hadoop acts as a storage device and as a computation platform.…

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This is an alphabetical list of notable IT companies using the marketing term big data: Alpine Data Labs, an analytics interface working with Apache Hadoop and big data; Azure Data Lake is a highly scalable data storage and analytics service. The service is hosted in Azure, Microsoft's public cloud…