German papermaker Moritz Behrend had dreams of America for his three sons. Although paper mills were traditionally built in the backwoods, Erie was an ideal location as it offered ready access to water, trees, railroads, coal, Companyy labor. Further, it was ideally situated roughly halfway between Chicago and New York. In Maythe mill, originally known as the E. Behrend Company, was incorporated as Hammermill Paper Company. After two years, Moritz resigned from Hammermill and entrusted the company to his sons.

The youngest, Bernard, who was Papfr only with the start-up, went on to become a prominent electrical engineer who counted among his friends Nikola Tesla. An authority on the induction motor, he amassed over eighty patents by the time he took his Ckmpany life in The remaining sons, Ernst and Otto, served as President and Treasurer, respectively, for the remainder of their lives. William Brust, husband of their sister Henriette, was also a long-time company officer.

At its inception, the mill ran only two machines: one produced bonds and the other tissue paper. Their first roll of manila wrapping paper was manufactured on December 1, They were also pioneers in establishing laboratory control and chemical testing of paper. Inthey installed super-heated steam Belmer bleachers, another paper industry first. A further Hammermill innovation was a new system of marketing papers through agents. Traditionally, papers were sold through paper merchants each of whom required their own corporate watermark.

The factory was producing paper with two hundred separate merchant watermarks, each one requiring changes in equipment setup and small runs. Ernst Behrend and salesman Norman Wilson imagined a new sales plan that involved a two-part system: watermarking all papers with the Hammermill name and marketing it nationally.

Beginning insales of Hammermill paper were made through Putumayo Clothing Company group of sales agents, many of whom met in Erie for an annual conference.

The first national advertisement for Hammermill Bond, which ran in the May 11, issue of the Saturday Evening Postkicked-off the marketing half of the plan. Hammermill Paper Company also made great Cimpany in employee relations. It was Hammermill Paper Company History pioneer in offering paid vacations and bonuses for hourly workers as well as sick and accident benefits, and in developing profit-sharing plans.

Their employee magazine, the Hammermill Bondwas one of the first in Papeer country, having published its inaugural issue in Haammermill An annual Honor Roll ceremony was instituted in to recognize the accomplishments of its long-term employees and an employee Yong Tong Company In Noida union Paperr established in InMoritz Behrend transferred Hammermill Paper Company History of his shares to his sons.

Inthe Hammermill Paper Company History partners forced an exchange of stock by other Hammermill owners, leaving Varziner Papierfabrik as sole owner. The overseas ownership of the company led to many problems. Every improvement, including new machines and support buildings that were desperately needed, was vetoed by the German partners who were looking for maximum profit and minimum outlays. When Europe became mired in World War I, they became eager to divest.

To avoid German taxation, the partners kept their shares in a London vault, a move which left them vulnerable to confiscation by the British. After much wrangling, Ernst Behrend was able to buy the company with help from the Chicago-based investment banking firm, A. The sale and its aftermath did not come without drama.

Guards transported the gold to Maryland by land and the trade was made. In the spring of the next year, the United States entered the war and, under the auspices of the Trading with the Enemy Act, began seizing German-held properties. Although the sale had been legitimate, an anonymous letter writer convinced the alien property custodian that it had been a sham perpetrated by Varziner Papierfabrik to hide its continued ownership Hammermlil the mill.

The custodian demanded that all Hammermill stock be relinquished. After a protracted two-year battle, the alien property custodian relented and returned the company to the Behrends in May Under government orders, they closed some paper machines and shipped tons of sulphite for use in manufacturing explosives.

The limited Hammermill Paper Company History they 181st Signal Company Landstuhl produce was reserved first for any government use in support of the war. It was also the only mill in the country that owned the necessary equipment to make the fire-resistant, plasticized paper used in the fabrication of bazookas. The maintenance department pitched in by machining tools for other companies that manufactured guns and tanks.

In a converted warehouse Hammermill carpenters were busy building the assault boats that were used in the crossing of the Rhine River.

In partnership with General Electric, they designed and manufactured the Dura-Glo Cover for army weather balloons. He died at his home on September 22,fifteen months before the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Norman Wilson, who had started his career as an office boy in and who had helped brainstorm the revolutionary new agent-based The Company Men Movie system, was named president in November.

These are the fundamentals of our civilization and the protection of our home. The first general strike in company history was launched five years later and lasted less than two weeks. A second strike stopped production in and a third in APper previous year Hammermill researchers introduced a new process called Neutracel Zoomrx Company Wikipedia allowed them to become the first mill to see success in producing fine papers using hardwood in lieu of the industry-standard softwood.

Leslie expanded the size of the corporation with the purchase of six of the nearly twenty companies Hammermill would eventually buy, including envelope manufacturers and lumber companies. Also in this era, a partnership with the Haloid-Xerox Company led to the creation of the first xerographic copier papers.

DeVitt, like Norman Wilson before him, was the embodiment of a Horatio Alger story, having worked his way up in Histody years from acid sampler to the executive suite. After protests erupted, Hammermill officials met with civil rights leaders and successfully assured them that the mill would honor its long-standing tradition of being an equal opportunity employer.

A new decade brought new leadership to Hammermill with the naming of Al Duval as president. Leslie served only two years before being named chairman in Craig McClelland succeeded him as president. Skip to main content. By Jane Ingold, Spring PSU Erie Archives. Hammermill initiated an annual aHmmermill agents meeting in The front row features Ernst Behrend center and Dr.

Otto Behrend far right. Accounting department employee Eva Smith lays a corner stone for a new administrative building in An unidentified employee poses with a supercalender, which smooths the paper so it has a uniform thickness and the oppropriate shows Behrend family patriarch Moritz Behrend and his wife Rebecca Wolf Behrend. Percy Klund, and President Ernst Behrend stand atop the company's first digester, a machine which cooks and softens wood chips in preparation for papermaking.

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The Hammermill story begins with its first paper production in December of 1899. The company grows rapidly to over 500 employees over the decade. Hammermill was the first company to introduce profit sharing and also offered employees paid vacations, sick leave and bonuses to hourly employees at a time when these were not common.…

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Hammermill. ® Paper for Life. ® Hammermill paper is scientifically designed and rigorously tested to perform at the highest level everytime. For over 100 years, we have been dedicated to helping people capture ideas, share thoughts, and show their work at its best at work, at home, and in school.…

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It was subsequently acquired in 1941 by International Paper and Power Corporation, which then assumed the original name. International Paper has a history of acquisitions and mergers but has tended to concentrate on paper and lumber production. In 1986 International Paper acquired the Hammermill Paper Company,...…

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In 1986, the company acquired the Hammermill Paper Company, founded in 1898, which managed eleven papermills nationwide, and had its corporate offices based in Erie, PA; in 1988, the Masonite Corporation; and in 1989, the German paper company Zanders Feinpapiere AG and the French paper manufacturer Aussedat Rey.Founded: 1898; 121 years ago, Corinth, New ……

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1941: A new International Paper Company is incorporated to acquire the assets of International Paper & Power and to signal the new focus on paper. 1981: Canadian International Paper subsidiary is sold to help fund a major plant modernization program in the United States. 1986: Hammermill Paper Company is acquired. 1988: Masonite Corporation is acquired.…

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