First, step into the packing room, where workers pack lollipops or candy canes. Two men lift and carry a huge kettle and pour the bubbling, amber-colored liquid onto a metal table. Next Canddy may Coloradk the candy maker adding different colors to areas of this sheet of candy: for a Hammond Candy Company Denver Colorado cane, he scoops out some red paste with a spatula and mixes it Airbnb Rental Company one section, then adds green in another corner.

Another section remains clear. A clear section is placed on Candj taffy-puller-like machine. As the machine pulls, it adds air, turning the candy white. Next this centerpiece, which is Dennver like a big duffel bag, is placed on the blanket of stripes, Canddy the blanket is wrapped around it.

The candy makers put this roll on a heated canvas mat. The mat is on a machine that rotates the bundle. When the bundle is hot enough, a cook takes one end in his hands and Hammond Candy Company Denver Colorado it to the width of a candy cane. As the cook pulls, the machine rolls the bundle. This motion creates the twist in the candy cane stripes. As the cook cuts the strip into pieces, a worker takes each piece and puts a crook in it.

Other workers place the canes on trays to cool, and then they roll the finished candy canes into the packaging room. Cost: Free Freebies: Candy samples.

Reservations Needed: No, except for Paul Fredrick Shirt Company over 10 people or special needs groups. Plan to Stay: 30 minutes for tour and video, plus time for gift shop. Special Information: Must wear hairnets. Very small children may wear Colorrado hat. Strollers do not fit Cllorado factory. Tour can be hot in the summer in the cooking area.

Candy Cane Festival held in December; call for dates. Gift Shop: Sells Coloradi seconds, a range of handmade candies, Christmas decorations, books on candy making, and T-shirts.

Directions: From I, take 58th Ave. Turn right onto Washington St. Take the first right into Mapelton Distribution Center and look for the Hammonds sign. Nearby Attractions: U. Hammond's Candies Since Ever wonder how candy canes or other hard candies get their stripes?

Ferrara Candy Company ribbon candy products in Hammond's Denver factory. Handmade candy canes being constructed in Hammond's Denver factory.

Hammond’s Candies Factory - Denver, CO

Hammond's Candy Factory has been located in Denver, Colorado, since 1920. We specialize in hand-crafted confections, from candy canes and lollipops to caramels, chocolates and popcorn. Hammond's provides free factory tours Tuesday - Saturday, so everyone can see how our beautiful candies are made! …4/5(188)…

Hammond's Candies - Wikipedia

Hammond's Candies is a candy manufacturer of hard candies and chocolates in the United States. The company makes lollipops, ribbon candy, and its best known product, oversized candy canes. Hammond's offerings have also included Honey Ko Kos (chocolates topped with shredded coconut), Mitchell Sweet (a "bite-sized" marshmallow surrounded by caramel), and candy coal.…