Especially because I ran into several hiccups, but it all worked out in the end. A couple months ago, I installed two Hampton Bay Ceiling fans, but the Zigbee controllers were all Ope Chinese Company Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Company, so I had been operating them as dumb fans.

I put a watch on the coveted Hampton Bay Universal Fan Controland it finally came into stock a couple weeks ago. Yesterday, I went through the process of installing the control units.

The control unit sits nicely in the space between the downrod mount and the outlet box. I tried to get all my wires aligned nicely in this phase. I found that a little planning helped a lot in figuring out how the wires and antennas would be routed. Then, I connected the three wires from the fan to one side of the control unit and the two wires from the house to the other side.

Since my fans are also Hampton Bay, the colors matched up nicely on the fan side. My house neutral was black but connected to a red wire on the control box. I agonized a bit over how best to handle the wall Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Company switches. I ended up just buying simple switch guards and sticking the remotes next to the switches with command strips.

It works great. I still instinctively reach for the switch, but having the guard redirects me for the remote. Once I fired up power, everything worked well. It was a bit challenging to navigate these forums to get exactly the right information, and I found the developer web portal pretty finicky. But I eventually got it working. First, I paired the control units with my hub. It took a while to successfully get the control units to enter pairing mode.

I think what works is to alternate 3 seconds on and like a half second off. I named the devices, and they were registered as basically unknown devices. Then, I added the 3 device handlers. I personally did this by working through the GitHub integration. It then took me to a screen where I could import the device handlers from that repo, and I checked the Publish box. Screen Shot at Prior, I had tried cutting and pasting the code, but it just disappeared, within the same session.

Next, I Eau Claire Fence Company to My Devices. I had to go through My Locations to actually see my devices though, for some reason.

Otherwise, I see nothing. But anyway, under My Devices, I clicked into each of my ceiling fans, hit Edit, then under the Type drop down, I scrolled allllll the way down to select KOF Zigbee Fan Controller at the bottom but not either of the two subdevices. So far, everything works as expected. I installed dimmable LED bulbswhich let me enable that function on the physical remotes and use the dimmer functionality of the smart app. Although, it means in the future, if you have to re- pair got controller, you have to do it from the circuit breaker.

So funny I did not see this thread till now… I bought the same switch plate covers I have 3 of these and need a 4th but waiting on getting my Smartthings V3 Mesh network so I can have a hub closer to the last fan it never stayed on the network.

The electrician installed a dumb stack switch on wall to control. Thx in advance for helping with anything I run into. For a setup like mine, with one master switch exposed but covered, you could tie the fan and light load wires together and connect to an ordinary single switch not sure all my terminology is on-point here.

This is great, if only I could get this working as well. I think I have everything wired correctly because the remote works exactly as it should. I am just having no success with controlling it with smartthings. Did you run into anything like this? Was there some sort of calibration step? Do you like have to pair it when the fan is on High and the Light on or something? Any help is greatly appreciated! Maybe try excluding and re-adding it and see if that helps? Thanks Alan! I guess we will find out soon enough.

I got it! So I did a factory restart of the fan and removed it from my smartthings. Once I reconnected the hub it was not finding the fan by adding a thing in the app so I did another factory reset white it was searching because I heard this puts it into pairing mode right off the bat, and voila!

It recognized the fan and chose the handler without me doing anything and everything works as Xenxo Company should!

This is magnificent. You Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Company the man Alan! FYI for anyone doing a factory reset on the fan, what I have found through both reading and my own experience is that to get a successful reset leave the fan off for at least 30 seconds first. Then cycle it on and off for 3 seconds at a time for at least 6 cycles. The lights will flash 3 times on and off when successful. The first time I did this it happened as I was going through the cycles, but if you are not getting a reset after a while just leave the lights on, within a minute or 2 the lights will flash indicating a reset.

This is what happened for me the second time. My Hampton Bay Zigbee controller arrives trmw, but before I get started on upgrading the fans existing remote receiver, I have 2 pre-existing Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Company.

Should I try to correct this behavior now before moving fwd? If so, how? Should I try flipping the breaker? It took me minutes of switch toggling at different cadences to get it right. My wife probably thought I was losing my marbles. Both of those things sound concerning. Worst case, you may have to change fans.

But that might not be that difficult since you already have one installed. Sadly the same issue from before, high is meduim. Ughh why??! I discovered the devices before installing the device handlers there are 3 of thembut I doubt it matters.

All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Installation Yesterday, I went through the process of installing the control units. Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan controller. Thanks for the success story. Will try this. That monster thread confuses me. I have a Hampton bay fan with remote control. Good luck! Yeah, the online developer interface is certainly…something. If Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Company have better luck with the other two, maybe the first one is a dud.

Good luck — this stuff can be really frustrating at times. My Hampton bay fan has no chains or switches remote only. Will this cause issues with resetting or setup of ST syncing in general? Congratulations on wrestling your setup into submission!

That seems to be what it take sometime!

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