Home Page. Manufacturers Index - Handy Manufacturing Co. The Card Company Dubai Manufacturing Co. Chicago, IL, U. In addition to photos of machinery, we also host other images related to manufacturers of Handy Manufacturing Company woodworking machinery. Photos of individual machines made by this company should be submitted to the Photo Index above. Catalogs, manuals and any other literature that is available on this site Handy Manufacturing Company made available for a historical record only.

Please remember that safety standards have changed over the years and information in old manuals as well as the old machines themselves may not meet modern standards. It is up to the individual user to use good judgment and to safely operate old machinery.

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Handy Manufacturing Co. - History VintageMachinery.org

Handy Manufacturing Co. was established in February 1909, probably by M. B. Joseph and H. H. Joseph. The company survived to at least 1977. The company survived to at least 1977. In their first couple of years they manufactured a line of hand clamps, but they eventually specialized in veneer presses and clamp carriers in addition to clamps, all designed for furniture manufacturers.Location: Chicago, IL, U.S.A.…

My-D Han-D Mfg. Co. Inc.

COME IN AND SEE OUR LINE OF TRAIL CAMERAS (great for catching crooks in the act) My-D Han-D Mfg. Co. Inc. has been located in Dodge City, Kansas since 1960. Not only do we manufacture top of the line cattle, feed and grain handling equipment,…

Handi House Manufacturing

Handi-House is the oldest, most established PORTABLE BUILDING manufacturer in the Southeast, manufacturing and striving for excellence since 1966, over 40 years of distributing storage buildings throughout the South.…