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Previous Thread Next Thread. Nov 5, 9 0 0. It apparently has a German movement in it, as evidenced by the stamp in the back of the movement "Hanson Clock Mfg.

Made in Germany". I want to service the movement - and may need some parts, but I have no idea who made it. Does anyone know what Manufaturing were used by this company? The pendulum appears to be constructed of wood - with an adjustable brass plate at the bottom. I can post some pictures of the movement if it would help with the identification. David Robertson Registered User.

Largest Elevator Company In The World 6, 1, 3 38 Country Flag: Region Flag:. Ken, Pictures would be very helpful. OK - Here are Manufacutring pictures of the movement.

There are no stampings on the rear plate of the movement except "Hanson Clock Mfg. Made In Germany". Well as best as I can tell in researching this - it's a Jauch movement. I just don't know which one. It's approximately 6" x 9" whcih would make it one of the large plate movements. Anyone know of a good place to research Jauch movements since they are now out of business? Source for parts?

Where can I research what size weights are needed to run this movement? Steve Conover's book on Chiming Clock Repair has a section or two on Jauch movements and is a good overall reference on chiming clock repair. It is reasonably priced. Anyone have a movement model number for this from Jauch? Is there someplace where the movements made by that company are documented?

An initial scan of the pics does not reveal any obvious missing parts. Why do you think you'll need parts? Just curious. I haven't disassembled the movement yet to clean it, but Manufactuirng absolutely Manufactuding. The chimes run - both hour and Maanufacturing - using manual trigger.

I know for sure that I need the proper weights for this clock. I do not Hanger Dme Company any of the weights. Ken, It is rare that parts need to be replaced unless Companyy are missing. Apr 7, 31 0 0. I'm Hanson Clock Manufacturing Company that you are trying to run it without the pendulum? After servicing and making any repairs, if the clock runs on the test weight, I will normally lower the weight until the time train will not run.

This normally gets me in the ball park as to proper weight. Hope this helps a bit. I have it Comany for cleaning now. It appears Hanson Clock Manufacturing Company some of the flat movement pieces are slightly bent, but not terribly. The pivots look okay - just absolutely filfthy.

I need to buy the weights, and the holders for them. I've just been using a couple of pieces of lead and some hooks to test so far. The chimes worked before Copany took it apart - both the single and Manufacturimg Westminister. However, I'm a newbie to this sort of thing. Well - everything looks pretty good except the pendulum spring. The pendulum spring is broken. Any Hanso who would stock a pendulum spring for a Juach movement?

Are these somewhat standard parts? It's a brass and steel part. The top brass half has a hold through it where a hand screw holds it to the movement. The bottom brass half has a pin on both sides where the pendulum leader rests. Would a picture help? Go to the supplier's book and look for one the same size. The spring size is not critical, and if it fits, it will probably work just fine. You could Hanson Clock Manufacturing Company an assortment if you want.

Found a pendulum spring Msnufacturing will fit it, and attached the pendulum. Seems that the escapment and pendulum swings runs the clock for about 5 minutes and then stops - it seems to be not getting enough weight Coffee Company Ceintuurbaan keep it going??

I've tried adding some manual weight - my hand pulling on Manufactuding chain a bit Doesn't seem to help. I have oiled it up freshly - using Etsyntha Clock Is this Cloc, good oil for this type of movement. Lets start again Is it in beat? Are you pretty sure the weight is correct? When you cleaned it, did you check the bushings and pivot condition? Any chance you bent a pivot during reassembly? Very easy to do with a three train clock. Ahh - finally - got it running.

The escapement needed to be adjusted. I also had to raise the weight on the movement to 6 pounds Maunfacturing get it to run. So now - I just need to buy some nice weights and the clock should be all ready to go.

Kendavis, After you have disassembled, cleaned,polished pivots, etc. Then add buckshot slowly to the can until the movement will run, then weigh the can with shot to determine the final weight Manfacturing. You can do this for all three trains.

I do this when I buy Compaby auctions a Hanson Clock Manufacturing Company case without weights. Hope this helps. You must log in or sign up to post here. Show CCompany Content. Share This Page Tweet. No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

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