Casey is the founder of Harklaa company that creates products to support those living with special needs. The product lines include weighted blankets, sensory swings and lap pads. Harkla Company founded Harkla in after he saw a gap in knowledge and quality for special needs resources. Inside this episode, Casey shares a ton of valuable insights in our conversation, including:. Click the image below to check it out and sign up! Listen on your favorite podcast platform:.

Why Harkla made the decision to be a remote team from the start. What a sports Harkla Company commitment can tell you about a potential employee. Importance of 10 Services Company empathy in the customer service role.

How Harkla approaches Harkla Company embraces mistakes to learn. The workflow systems that the team at Harkla employs. Keeping the company vision top of mind. Three ways to improve your company revenue. Staying focused on projects that will actually move the needle. Growth that Harkla has experienced over the last three years. The vast amount of misinformation about autism in the world. Future goals and projects for Casey and the Nikon Company team.

How Harkla is supporting the autism community they serve. Why Casey chose to engrain the value of giving back into the business. Join our our mailing list! Email Subscribe. If you liked this episode, you may like these others…. Next Episode.

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Harkla is a small and dedicated company with the top-rated weighted blankets providing families with the best sleep experience as well as a sleep therapy. These special blankets help people end sleep disorder and other issues affecting sleep. The soft Minky fabric with additonal dots on top is designed to help you feel comfortable and also work ...…