Byloyal customers were sending their motorcycle parts from around the world for custom painting, even motorcycle frames were being sent Omni Pro Cleaning Company our molding work from as far as France! Bythe international demand for our custom paint sets for Harley-Davidson motorcycles continued to grow beyond our expansion capability, especially after becoming the exclusive supplier of custom paint sets to Biker's Dream Superstores and their chain of nationwide dealers.

We are currently in the process of downsizing due to ever tightening environmental laws in CA which drastically limit the Panting of hazardous materials used by all custom Pzinting. The use of high VOC materials and solvent based pearl and metallic colors is no longer permitted. As the result of ever tightening laws limiting our ability to use hazardous materials needed for creating custom paint Compang we were forced to close all our production facilities in CA and to move our paint operations to the Mexican side of the border where we can easily stay in compliance with their local laws.

Our quality and craftsmanship has not suffered as many quality American products are produced there such as Ford, Chrysler, GM and countless other top American brands.

If you have a pending order, please provide your Harley Painting Company No. By email By phone If by phone, what is the best time of day to call? A Motor Co. OEM Production at Colormania. About Us. About Colormania. Please make sure your email is correct. By email. Dallah Group Company phone.

If by phone, what is the best time Harley Painting Company day to call? Team Colormania in Colormania Air Brush Experts. One of our many quality inspection oCmpany. Colormania Production for the Factory in Al Unser Jr.

Painted for Biker's Dream by Colormania in Colormania is not an Paintlng of Indian, Titan, Harley-Davidson motor company or any of its authorized dealers. Copmany model designations are used Harkey reference only. Full name:. Email address or phone number:.

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The HARLEY PAINTING, INC. principal address is 30627 Tremont Dr, WESLEY CHAPEL, FL, 33543. Meanwhile you can send your letters to 30627 Tremont Dr, WESLEY CHAPEL, FL, 33543. The company`s registered agent is HARLEY JOSEPH 30627 Tremont Dr, WESLEY CHAPEL, FL, 33543. The company`s management are Director - Harley Joseph.…