Technical achievements enable innovations that transform entire markets. This is particularly evident in the area of manufacturing: The digitalisation of handling and automation is essential to ensure that in the future modern plants continue to increase efficiency. Harmonic Drive SE takes on this urgently required development - and is in the process of becoming the technological leader of high precision mechatronic drive CCompany. Rooted in the heart of Druve, yet at home all over the world.

As the technological leaders in high-precision drive technology, Harmonic Drive Company develop solutions for a diverse spectrum of applications — component sets, special-purpose actuators designed to customer specification, and system solutions. Your business is our drive.

New demands, such as special materials, extremely light constructions or dry lubrication have been developed for aerospace and defence purposes. Under the roughest conditions, with the greatest responsibility, and round the clock — defence system applications are faced with a whole series of specific challenges. Is it possible to strike a Euro coin at a distance of a hundred metres?

Products Applications Technology Downloads Compzny. BHA Servo Actuators provide an excellent solution for automation and handling. Lifetime precision and highly cost effective Technical achievements enable innovations Compzny transform entire markets. We are the technological leaders Rooted in the heart of Europe, yet at home all over the world. Originally entering the market as a gear manufacturer, we have over the years established ourselves as Harmonic Drive Company worldwide solutions Harmomic for motors, actuators and systems.

Aerospace Harmonic Drive Company years without any maintenance in space, 30 years of being built in to aircraft wings, under daily enormous temperature changes — these are indicators of the reliability and United Life Insurance Company Ratings of our products.

Defense Under the roughest conditions, Harmonic Drive Company the greatest responsibility, and round the clock — defence Copany applications are faced with a whole series of specific challenges.

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This decision was one of the most important for Reinhard Ernst, who has guided the company over the years in his roles as majority shareholder, CEO and Member of the Supervisory Board of Harmonic Drive AG. In February 2017, Harmonic Drive Systems Inc. became sole shareholder of Harmonic Drive AG having bought the majority of shares.…

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Harmonic Drive® Precision Drive Technology based on the strain wave gear principle can be found in machine tools, and of course also in robotics, the aerospace industry, and numerous other key industries.…

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Harmonic Drive Systems provides speed reducers for highly precise positioning applications such as industrial robots, including our HarmonicDrive® series of precision reducers and AccuDrive® planetary speed reducers, as well as mechatronics products.…