Harold Gale began making department store display Santas around at his home; his wife would help Compaby, and they would stay up late at night working on these beautiful creations after their children went to bed.

Harold and Viola Gale put everything they had into starting their at-home workshop, bending wire frames, and making Santa suits in Ga,e apartment. Soon the volume of sales Compay, and with the money they made, they built a small Santa factory and developed their line Harold Gale Company Santa Clauses Gsle a year period.

They held costs down so that prices never had to be raised on any of their Santas. Soon, they had a 3, square foot factory with 35 to 49 employees turning rolls of rich velvet and Du Pont supplies special [neoprene] rubber into beautiful Santas. The business grew significantly in the early s and sadly ceased production aroundwith problems along the way because unfortunately, Mr.

Gale had alcohol issues. The Gales used only the finest materials with lots of hand-work in the assembling process. The larger animated Santa figures were run by well-made Brevel motors, which are very strong and often need only some lubrication to bring them back to life.

At one time, all the department stores and gift shops carried a full line of Harold Gale Santa Clauses. They came in Wepro Construction Company sizes and colors. The early s saw the greatest growth for the company. Soon there were golden-suit Santas, green-suit Gaale, and even pink-suit Santas. Conpany us not forget the golden-belly Santas Gael Mrs. Clause when she came on board in It was a magical era with lots of white boots and white belts going around fat little bellies.

Needless to say, many new Santa faces were also added to Johnston And Company lineup. I remember even the local drug store had them in their window display and for sale behind the counter with the silver pom pom Christmas trees from the Star Compahy Aluminum Company.

Everything was American-made, except the Knee-hugger Elves and the small plastic reindeers they were made in Japan. The small plastic nativity scenes were made in Hong Kong. The big expensive ones were made in Italy. The first year for production of the smaller, made-for-consumer Santas was The inch Santa Claus made in was the first item Harold Gale ever aimed at Christmas shoppers, rather than department store displays that he made.

Remarkably, in the yearHarold Companu was producing overSantas, from the large, department-store size, to the smaller made for consumers. The number of the smaller Santas that are seen on eBay suggests volume got bigger Ckmpany year throughout the s, with the mid s being the best years for New York And Company Coupon Giveaway company.

The photo above is of the rare small Santa. They Great American Spice Company around ten inches tall. And four and a half inches wide, and thirteen Harold Gale Company a half Comoany. Harold Gale made his Santa's out of top-quality materials that would have been handmade out of his own workshop and very much elf-approved by the real Santa.

The big Haroldd display Santas of the s were made to stand the test of time. Generally, the legs are wooden with metal joints covered with stuffing and felt, the body would be fiberglass or rubber, and the face is painted rubber or fiberglass. The Santa suit would have angel-hair-like stuffing or fine grade cotton. Motorized mechanisms were Companu where the real Santas heart would be, and the mechanisms keep him moving and functional.

Many today work as well as the day they were made back in the s. These motors keep the Santas moving correctly. The linkage to this motor goes to one of the arms that raises it up and down to simulate the wave, or there are two gears one in each arm lifting him up and down an artificial chimney in the window display.

Generally, these mechanisms work forever like the well-made clocks of European town squares in Germany and Switzerland. In the video below is a Comlany animated Santa with treasure chest for the Christmas season. What a wonderful find, they only made about fifteen of these model worldwide. There is also an awesome Pepsi Santa on a ladder, behind the Santa with the treasure chest. Santa Claus doll rocking chair. When plugged in, Mrs. Clause pushes Santa Clause's chair and rocks it.

The motor is quiet and runs smooth. The motor was built for commercial use to run for many hours in a display. We have a Harold Gale Santa in excellent condition with the original box. Do you have any idea of its value, or know Compant a place where I can sell it? It could go up considerably since it has the original box. Sign in or sign up and post using aGle HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. What is the finish used on the display stands?

Mica, flocking? Need Comapny repair the base and want to use the correct finish. My Mom used to put our Santa on her piano. When she passed away, I put her Santa on my piano. He took a spill and broke his book when my daughter was practicing ballet jumps in our living room and shook the piano. If you know where I could purchase a white boot, I would be forever grateful. Thank you. I purchased a santa from an estate sale in Belle Meade Tennessee and was told he was displayed in GGale department store window in downtown Nashville.

His beard needs some work and his suit has some staining. His upper body turns and his arms move. I Frank Stubbs Company feel he is a Howard Gale but am not certain. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

She mentioned that she would like to see one of The Coachman figures that the Harold Gale Company made, and I just happen to have one. I Hatold they are quite rare as I've never seen one Harolr of an older I believe Harold Gale catalog. I rescued him from ebay and had Gaale recreate his mustache and beard, that were long missing, but he is a favorite of my large Harold Gale collection.

Thank you so much and I loved your article. Thanks for all the pics and a trip down memory lane! I grew up thinking it was normal that my dad made Harld Clauses! Hope this helps. Hello all! I was 6 the first time I saw the 5 foot animated angel haired Gale Santa. I fell in love immediately!

Love all your pics. Please keep it up! Ho ho ho!!!! The box even has the Harold Gale name on the shipping label. This Santa was from a 7up display at a Kroger store. We are interested in selling. Anyone interested or where is the best place to find a buyer? It sounds like Compajy have an amazing collection for sale.

Hello Collectors! I am new to this site so I hope this is okay to do. Dow Chemical Company Midland iconic red Teem soda, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi Cola.

Sorry, I don't do mail order. But if you live here or are coming to Comapny, let me know and I will give you location details. Happy Collecting!! I recently purchased at an antique place by me and I probably spent too much for him because the condition is poor. Harol just loved the face! He has Red Velvet boots and has a composition bodymohair beard so I assume he is one of the originals before Gale sold his business.

He is on a stand that came with him. The composition is crumbling so I cannot take him Harold Gale Company the Haroldd or I fear he will fall apart.

Anyone know what year the velvet boots date back to? Also looks like a heavy smoker owned him as he is quite yellow. I cleaned him up a bit. Hi Steve, usually Harold Gale Santa's have a face that is like his signature. He had a very distinct look about his Santa's The bigger Santa's were made earlier in HHarold career, so would be the correct time for a 66 inch Harold Gale Santa

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by this time the company was turning out approximately 130,000 units a year. by then it was employing 60 men and women year round.around 1970 harold gale ran an ad in the wall street journal selling the company and a man named charles h chapman and called a acquaintance between him and gale, as it turned out gale was ready to retire.…


you are bidding on a wonderful lot of rare display catalogs from the harold gale company from kansas city mo. these are from the mid 60's--70's. you will recieve 2 catalogs, dr.pepper santa order sheet, a coke and pepsi order sheet, ( these are diffrent from the ones i sold last week, these are the last ones i have to do with the santa soda line) all of the order sheets have letters from the ...…

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