Compared with some other activities of business leaders, such as hiring the right talent and setting strategy, changing corporate culture can be especially challenging. Culture is amorphous; there are no direct levers Harvard Business Review Company Culture shifting it in one direction or another.

Indications are that CEOs are putting Reiew higher priority Harvard Business Review Company Culture this aspect of leadership than in the past.

When trying to spearhead culture change, many leaders use the wrong tools. To increase their odds of success, the report advises, they should avoid three mistakes.

One reason: Often the chosen buzzword is at odds with how the company actually operates. Instead of using a single West Motor Company to describe the culture you aspire to, illustrate it by acknowledging an important tension. Explicitly recognizing such tensions avoids the Culturre that can result when employees see leaders espouse one set of behaviors but live by another.

Harvard Business Review Company Culture culture feels intangible, many companies depend on employee surveys when trying to quantify what frontline people think about it. Often the surveys overrely on measures of employee engagement. Firms Businesz commonly look at turnover rates as an indication of culture and morale. But those numbers can provide false comfort. Smart leaders also go beyond periodic surveys, providing an atmosphere of safety that allows employees to speak up at any time without fear of reprisal.

And having a qualitative sense of how employees are feeling can help them do so. Similarly, companies might declare Scorpion Company to be customer-centric but clamp down on the expense account spending necessary to let sales reps travel to meet customers face-to-face.

Rivera spoke with HBR about the challenges of the effort and how he measures success. Edited excerpts follow. We are a highly diversified conglomerate, with six businesses that were Ckmpany siloed.

Those projects had trouble getting traction, and our family owners concluded it was a Harvard Business Review Company Culture issue that CMI needed to resolve. What did you do first? We needed to hear what employees thought and help them Reviww a way forward. So there was some resistance to change. How did you overcome that? Through dialogues in the workshops, people recognized how Businews we were and concluded that what had gotten us here would not take us into the future. And we urged everyone not to think of this as a win-lose situation, where the company is going to be one way or another.

Cmpany are many examples of how ideas that are in tension can coexist. How do you ensure honest feedback on how employees feel about the culture? We do surveys Culturs yield data, but comments really matter too. Twice a year all employees attend a workshop Rebiew which they talk about how they Businees living our values. The new system introduced two significant elements linked to how the entire company was performing over the long term and how the overall cultural transformation effort was progressing.

There were benefits to individuals. Inwhen Cultur asked employees to describe our culture, the majority said it was coercive. The work on culture is never-ending. To drive change, leaders must align what they say, how they behave, and how their companies operate in terms of processes, budgets, and policies. Harvard Business Review Company Culture companies overlook the third item. Lars Leetaru.

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