This essay refers about the case study: Harvard Management Companyprovided by Harvard business School. The endowment plays an important role in the financial structure of Cimpany University. The annual endowment spending represents a significant part of the budget of all schools and the idea was to maintain its real value and its 200 income distribution.

According to this goal, the Harvard Management Company 2001 had been founded in Vincent Printing Company Limited Policy Portfolio consists of the HMC strategic benchmark and is also the core of this discussion.

The theory of optimal portfolio allocation is the cornerstone of the modern finance. It is based on the diversification principle and emphasizes the importance of the correlation: the Harvard Management Company 2001 that the fluctuation of an asset has on some others.

This word is everywhere in finance and without it; the optimal portfolio theory would mean nothing. To Harvars higher expected return without taking too much risk, Managemejt has to diversify his portfolio.

The optimization procedure is initiated by giving some inputs the expected returns, volatility and correlation. Harvard Management Company 2001 you do simple calculation and magically, you get the portfolio weights. Despite these pros, this optimal portfolio theory fails Cmopany answers a lot of questions based on the input assumptions.

The first limitation is that we do static optimization: the optimal portfolio we get is Harvard Management Company 2001 optimal one under the assumption that the inputs are static over time. This generates another limitation, which seems to be the main one: what are the assumptions of the theory? The theory is forward looking, which imply that all the inputs are forecasts. How do we forecast return and volatility?

Are returns and volatility constant over time? Is the correlation, which is so important for optimal portfolio calculation fixed, or does it move? The answer for both questions is that returns, volatility and correlation Coompany stochastic.

This would have been meaningless without the diversification principle based on correlation. The optimal portfolio theory has a meaning since the diversification reduce the global risk of the portfolio. Worse, according to empirical studies, it seems that in stress conditions. The framework The endowment plays an important role in the financial Harvad of Harvard University. Read Full Essay Save.

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