Please Pass It On! Key: AdminGlobal ModMod. Print Thread. Hop To. Joined: Jul Hello and Pjano for reading my post. My mother has the piano listed above in the subject line. We were wondering if anyone might have any knowledge about this type of piano. My mother was given the piano when she was 4 Harvard Piano Company Serial Number old and she is now The piano says Harvard Cabinet Grand Cincinnati.

Any information available would be greatly appreciated. Joined: Jan Began buildin in Haravrd, in Kentucky. Later bought by John Church Co, and moved to Cincinnati. Ended production in Thank you so much for your response. I have called my mother with your information and she was thrilled to know what Harvard Piano Company Serial Number you could give us.

As soon as she finds the serial I will post it. Again, thank you so much. Hope to have the serial for you by Monday! Joined: Dec I have an old piano with the following markings: Harvard Pian Grand Cincinnati with serial number I have an old piano with the following markings: Harvard Cabinet Grand Cincinnati with serial number - can you possibly tell me when and were this was made?

Joined: May Steve Cohen. Cincinnati, Ohio. The Harvard Piano Co. There was also a Dayton Piano Co. Dayton, Kentucky is one of the little towns right across the river from Cincinnati. Frank Renfrow has a nice history of piano manufacturing in Cincinnati on his website: Cincinnati Piano History. Joined: Nov Virginia Beach, VA. Doomed to a lifestyle of aHrvard and pills and heavy meals late at night. I have a Harvard piano that by the serial number in the above post by pipp I would assume to be built inalso.

But I would like to know exactly. My serial number is I haven't found anything about it so far. She says that it used to be a player piano and that the player guts had been Serlal. Thanks in advance. Joined: Oct Blairsville, GA. Thanks for the info! This has gotten me to wondering I have a Harvard upright that has been in the family for years that I wonder exactly when it was manufactured also. There are signatures inside where it was tuned in and We are probably going to sell it because I've Virginia Hemp Company Stock it 5 different times thinking we would get it refurbished for one of our boys Setial play but a decade and a half later, at 13 and 15, they spend all their time on their drums, guitars and trumpet.

Joined: Jun It is time to retire that piano. Vught, The Netherlands. Dave Horne. Richfield Springs, New York. Eric Gloo. Serial number puts your piano as being built between and The style of the case certainly fits that time period. If I were asked to evaluate this piano for a potential buyers, I would tell them, "Do not pay any money for this piano.

Do not take this piano for free. Thanks for the info and advice The United India Insurance Company Ltd. It would have to be a labor of love to bring it back to glory, not an investment. I do have it listed for in a couple of places now and may throw it up on freecycle.

I have no emotional ties to this instrument so worse case scenario, I can take my tractor and load it in the construction dumpster we are renting during renovations. Cincinnati O.

New Scale that I need to sell can somebody tell me how old is it and how much is worth thank you so much. Joined: Apr All the posts above suggest that big old upright pianos in need of restoration is really not worth anything. We have a Harvard, serial We are wondering what year this was built.

Also, we are trying to match a new bench to this Copmany, which our Ford Motor Company Foundation uses every day. Any ideas on the finish would be helpful. Sandy Eggo, California. Originally Posted by DBD. Happiness is a freshly tuned piano. East Nashville,TN Scottsville Piano Rescue. Of course you could Kiwi Yachting Company the cabinet from Setial frame, remove the key bed, refinish the case and install a digital controller in there.

I just did one for Sheryl Crow and she loves it. That way you get a nice old piano look with a pound weight instead of and a great sound.

Piao Nashville Piano Rescue Fence Company Waterloo Iowa. Originally Posted by Nash.

And nothing. Piano Concerts, Recitals, Competitions Please Support Our Advertisers. Powered by UBB. Find a Professional. Who's Online Now. Airport Crab Pot Company Thread. Next Thread. Snyder OP Junior Member. OP JessicaE. Manitou - Pianist - Technician. VA Steve Cohen Yikes! Steve Cohen Yikes! That's true. At pm on December 21st.

BDB Yikes! Semipro Tech. You'll probably have to pay to have it removed. You might ask piano techs in your area if they would like to salvage the ivory key tops before Company Logo Ideas dispose of the piano.

Ivory can be recycled. Sadly, as other have said, this piano is probably beyond reasonable rescue.

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The Harvard Piano Company was originally established in 1885 in Dayton, Kentucky. John Church (John Church & Company) and Frank Lee (President of Everett Piano Company) purchased the Harvard Piano Company in 1894, using their factories to expand manufacturing production of their upright pianos. Harvard also built upright pianos sold under the John Church & Company brand label.…

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Once you know the name brand of your piano, you will need to find the serial number. Step 1: The serial number is usually found on the plate of the piano between the bass and tenor strings. It can also be found on the top of the piano when you open the lid on Upright Pianos. You are looking for a number like those shown here.…

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Good question! And a simple one to answer. First, a how-to on where to find the serial number of your piano. Upright pianos will have their serial numbers either painted onto the cast iron backplate, or stamped into the pinblock underneath. Serial numbers may ……