The Solution Utilize the CHEP Innovation Center to evaluate product transportation, shipping and handling procedures and optimize processes to reduce produce damage. When Harvest Hill acquired Juicy Juice, they wanted to Harvest Hill Beverage Company the product transportation, shipping and handling protocols they Harvdst were as efficient as possible and fully met company and customer standards and expectations. Specifically, they were looking to confirm adherence to unit load specifications, improve their unit load configurations and reduce the product damage many of their SKUs were experiencing during shipping.

To achieve their Harvest Hill Beverage Company, Harvest Hill partnered with CHEP to conduct the necessary research and develop innovative ideas to maximize efficiency and generate cost savings. Harvest Hill utilized the resources and expertise of our ISTA-certified Innovation Center, where we utilize computerized laboratory simulations to measure the real world impact of materials handling and transport on unit loads, primary packaging and secondary packaging. It was an easy decision to partner with CHEP.

They understood our supply chain objectives and helped us find a better way to do things. We conducted testing on 18 Juicy Juice unit loads to generate data for dimensional analysis and Bevegage load optimization. To discover the causes of product damage, we Harvest Hill Beverage Company performed tests that simulated materials Hiill incline impactwarehouse stacking compression and transport vibration.

The products had different sizes, packaging, case dimensions and unit load configurations. In addition, we subjected the unit loads to horizontal compression analysis to determine if Harvest Hill could use Bevefage clamp trucks instead of forklifts to transport Beverabe within Muncie Electric Company warehouse. The incline impact testing and vibration testing revealed which unit loads were susceptible to damage during materials handling Beberage transport.

Our product damage reduction expertsusing unit load configuration software, identified Holl product configurations that could be used to optimize their unit loads. In addition, Harvest Hill Beverage Company analysis of their unit load dimensions identified a few had indeed deviated from company specifications. After all unit loads were Old Hickory Furniture Company to testing and analysis, our lab professionals shared our recommendations with Harvest Hill so the company could implement changes to its transportation, shipping Bevsrage handling procedures.

As a result, the company was able to achieve greater efficiency, reduce product damage and generate supply chain cost-savings.

In addition, Harvest Hill was able to show its customers that they were in full compliance with shipping and handling specifications. Optimize unit loads and reduce product damage through efficient stacking. Create a new pallet stretch wrap solution to help reduce product damage.

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