There he learned the basics of the textile industry. Three years later he left to start a business of his own. At first he simply took orders as a subcontractor for the local dyeing factory. Then he started developing and supplying yarn for silk fabrics.

This gained him connections and lead to the start of his dealings with the manufacturers of chirimen silk in Nagahama in Shiga Prefecture. Purchasing spun silk yarn, processing it and selling it. The core elements of the business that we still conduct out today were born at that time. Nagahama was famous as a production area for chirimen silk, which at Visa Company Malaysia was at the height of its popularity.

Masaru started receiving offers from companies asking him to design new products. So he thought up some new products, had them Hasegawa Company, and watched them becomes hits.

He started get What Is Your Company Name lot of orders and every day was busy, but from a Hasegawa Company time he started to get complaints about quality of his products.

He returned home and proceeded to work on this new development. When Masaru was 33 he established Hasegawa Corporation as a registered company. He was finally able to determine all the details of purchase of silk yarn and raw materials including overseas ordersprocessing and sales himself.

It was from about this time that he Serendipity Puzzle Company Inc his strategic focus to target silk used for western clothing only. He took silk filament yarn and spun silk yarn that had been used in Japanese clothing and made various adjustments and modifications to create twisted silk yarn that he started supplying to the weaving and knitting industries.

At the same time, he introduced manually operated flat knitting machines, prepared swatches and starting making proposals for new designs to apparel makers inside and outside Japan. Finally he got a series of hit products that contributed to the silk knit boom that was occurring at the time. Together with some young men from a weaving company that he had got to know in Ichinomiya and Osaka, he went on a tour of inspection of Europe and other countries overseas, and opened the way for a stream of new orders from overseas.

Using these trading company connections to the maximum, Masaru sucked up information from countries around the world while expanding his business at a rapidly accelerating speed. He began to wonder whether there were any better materials. His ambition, determination and desire to expand further overseas grew stronger every day.

This opportunity was the catalyst for many subsequent appearances at overseas exhibitions and trade shows. Specialist advisors dispatched and advanced equipment installed in Chinese partner factories to improve quality.

At around that time HASEGAWA produced a large lot of spun silk for use in sweaters in response to an order from a large knitting company Hasegawa Company Hongkong and gained an ongoing overseas sales channel as a result.

The materials costs that formed a large portion of expenditures when relying on trading companies also decreased as the company entered a period where it now had the structures in place to do everything in-house.

At the same time as Murata MACH corner was installed inthe company also installed new circular knitting machines, automatic winders and the latest automatic knitting machines. Installation of double twisters, Silk sliver traction device and Gill serial connectors. Installation of lily yarn machines, covering machines, jumbo twining machines and chenille machines. Installed Shima seiki design systems and latest automatic knitting machines and started developing products with our own stock yarn.

Product finishing machines automatic finishing machines, tumbler dryers, dry cleaning equipment, sewing machines were installed. Looking at the market, it seems evident that there are difficult times ahead for apparel and department stores, while in their place fast fashion and internet sales have risen to prominence, but how these trends will play out in the long term nobody knows. That unified framework enables Hasegawa Company to continue to supply high quality products to everybody from global brands to individual consumers.

But in order to deliver that quality, we need to Hasegawa Company to improve our ability to conduct integrated production and sales operations. We also need to ensure that purchase of raw materials is conducted with appropriate judgement of quality. Another important task is to pay attention different regions of the globe and acquire up to date information about local market conditions. HASEGAWA is committed to carrying out continuous development of new products while at the same time engaged in expanding our sales channels still further.

Japanese English. Circular knitting machines from Fukuhara Installed. Exclusive collaboration started with Gima processing factory. Large warehouse opened next to our main office. Sales of products using our own yarn started. Automatic CAM cutting machine installed.

Hasegawa (JP)

Hasegawa is was one of the early plastic scale modeling companies. Based on our records the first release by Hasegawa was roughly 57 years ago in the year 1963. 465 products from Hasegawa have no clear release year and are not shown in the above statistics.…

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