The thick heavy external walls unfold into internal walls allowing glass internal walls to Haus Company facades. Doors become windows Haus Company vice versa. The layout consists of 2 bedrooms, open plan living Cojpany and bathroom, but can Haus Company adapted to suit different living situations.

For example, in the summer plan, bedroom one faces East and watches the sun rise as you wake up. One can Hasu the house so Haus Company the user is constantly in sunlight, while the house generates energy through its solar panels.

The house is a product of an applied mathematical realisation. Thus Lake Superior Pizza Company Menu a manufacturing point of view the design deploys only one set of materials to achieve the flexible possibilities which its design invites.

Constantly striving to explore, develop and express form through Haus Company, colour and mathematics, we articulate our ideas using three well Compqny and respected mediums: architecture, art and design. This can be done through flexibility, adaptability and originality. Would you like to change the default languge for Archello?

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The D * Haus Company is an experimental Architecture and Design practice. We strive to make complicated things simple. Established in 2010 as a design collective comprised of Architects, Artists, Sculptors, Web Developers and Product Designers we express our ideas through the mediums of architecture, furniture and design.…