Under the shade of a big Monkeypod tree in the Kihei Kalama Village you will find an unusually sweet education opportunity.

The Sunshine Company met with owners Steve Bick presidentJonathan Todd senior vice Compaby and Chelsea Stone vice president of operations to talk about their Hawaii Fudge Company fudge. Turns out this sweet idea came from a moment Bick had while he was on vacation. This whole store was square feet. We made Co,pany fudge in the back and it Fudbe dark and dingy.

Haaaii we aHwaii take this and become a brand that would really take us somewhere. We have grown from a staff of two to a staff of I think we must be one of the fastest growing companies on Maui right now. Bick was quick to Hawaii Fudge Company her talents.

Then the quality of Haaaii fudge shot up. I love this job. I come from a troubled past, I did a year in jail, and I was in the drug court program.

This job Hawaii Fudge Company given me the opportunity of a lifetime to actually make a difference. Making fudge is really hard work. Haawaii just have to get in there, prep your ingredients, measure everything out, melt it all down.

Everything has to be at the right consistency and temperature. Their fudge comes in all colors and flavors from fruity to chocolatey. We would trip the fuse box, shared in the coffee shop on Hawaii Fudge Company corner. So Chelsea would have to run next door to trip the switch.

We figured out that you could either cook toffee or have the air conditioner on, but not both. We also have Cpmpany flavors of toffee. We had three flavors of toffee for a while and we just added on three new flavors: peanut butter, mint and butterscotch. We also have caramels in original, banana, coconut, coffee and almond. Honestly, my job is pretty fun.

I get to create flavors of fudge. After getting the electricity sorted out, they opened a bigger location next door to house their Fudge University—home Hawaii Fudge Company new fudge-making classes. The base will be ready in the bowl. The participants will be able to choose Fucge flavors and taught how to swirl, pour and layer. Then they get to take the product with them in a nice box presentation. So you have to make it small.

Hawaii Fudge Company would rather a bunch of small kettles then a big industrial manufactured operation. The Mobile Game Development Company In Chennai Hawaii Fudge Company store with Fudge University celebrates their grand opening with a Hawaiian blessing by Bene Chun and free fudge samples and refreshments from pm at S.

Kihei Rd. July 6. Artist Robert King Andia will be there to sign artwork from his Ancients series, which are featured on their collectible fudge boxes. Share this:. Search Search the site

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The Hawaii Fudge Company also has great activities and gifts! How about trying our 90 minute Fudge Class! You’ll Make fudge. You’ll Learn new cultural things from Maui locals. You’ll laugh, play and make friends. This is 90 fun minutes at The Hawaii Fudge Company in “Fudge University” or what we call, FUDGE-U.…