The Queen presented the Hawaiian monarch with a precious soled gold bracelet Hawaiiqn engraved with her name in Old English lettering, filled with black enamel. Upon her return to Hawaii, the Queen had similar bracelets made for other members of the Pieecing family as an expression of her appreciation. Thus, a legacy amongst the Hawaiian royalty was created and the tradition lives on today.

Hawaiian Jewelry is often given to celebrate milestones such as birthdays, graduations, weddings and anniversaries. Because of Piedcing timeless beauty and personal significances, these gifts become cherished heirlooms that are passed on from generation to generation.

Traditional casting techniques limited jewelry designs to a fixed width Hawaiian Piercing Company shape. By learning and mastering these techniques, we established our own in-house Hawakian method. Our new method allows us to customize each piece, expanding our style and forever changing the look of traditional Hawaiian Jewelry. The designer, Howard Miao, became acquainted with Hawaiian Jewelry through his ownership of a Hawaiian Piercing Company and retail jewelry company.

He acquired the extraordinary skill of designing and engraving techniques after years of studying under local craftsman and jewelry artists. His keen fashion-sense continues to push his jewelry designs to Hawaiian Piercing Company next level, transforming Hawaiian Piercing Company look of traditional Hawaiian jewelry and providing collections that are adaptable to variety lifestyles.

Honolulu Piercing Company

Customers come from all over the globe to visit our piercing & Jewelry studio. This is because locals and visitors alike know that we offer the best in precision piercing and high-quality body jewelry. We co-exist and operate out of the oldest family-owned shop on Oahu, Skin Deep Tattoo Waikiki.…

Careers: Flight Attendants Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines requires the following qualifications*: ... Present a professional image. May not have visible body art (including tattoos), facial, multiple or upper ear piercing, gauge piercings, or extreme hair color or style while in uniform and while in any physical position in public areas ... retirement plan with company match and ...…