The latter is one of the thriving towns of the State and in her new Hazleton Coal Company of city as distinguished from a borough, is one of the youngest in the commonwealth, being only just now April fully equipped and organized a legal city, the burgess retired and the new mayor installed.

The situation is commanding, beautiful and healthful; being about 1, feet above tidewater, on a plateau of Buck mountain in nearly the center of one of the finest coal deposits in the world. Under the city boundaries is an average of thirty feet of superior anthracite coal, and from the cool clear soft water mountain springs adjacent are as healthful waters as the world affords. Two different water works supply the place with the greatest abundance of the staff of life.

The name of the place is a natural sequence of that of the township from which it was taken- Hazle, and this will readily be interpreted as a land when discovered that was noted as the place where Sears Company shrub flourished, as it at one time did along the banks of the Hazle creek.

While it is 1, feet elevation yet to the north and south on each side are ranges of hills still higher, and this was at one time reported as swamp land.

In the coal district these basins between the ranges contain coal, that has been saved from the erosions of the glaciers that once moved with such resistless forces over this part of the continent. At a street crossing near the Lehigh depot the waters at the four angles of the crossing part and flow nearly in the four cardinal points of the compass and continue their course to the opposite outlets or large streams that pass through this portion of the State in a general northern and southwestern course.

In this one called "swamp", the pinnacle is here, and no city in the State has better natural drainage. What a wild and rugged wilderness this was when the white man first came.

The home of dark old forests that sheltered only the wild beasts and birds. The homeseeker would only ever see it by having to pass over it on his way to the inviting valley beyond. Klader and his little company of soldiers passed on their way to the slaughter they met near where is now the village of Conyngham.

Others may have preceded them, but of this we can know nothing. The Berwick Turnpike was built by a private company for the purpose of opening the way to their timber lands, lying principally in what is Bradford county. The State aided the company with a grant of land, nearly acres. Soon after the turnpike was completed to this place, necessity required a road from here to Wilkes-Barre, and one was built, intersecting within the city limits, and at a point known as "the old State house.

I have met none of the descendents of Drumheller that can, with any certainty, give the year of his coming. It has been said by passing writers he was here as early as with his hostelry. Then, too, Jacob Drumheller may as well be the first landlord as some unknown who can not now be at all named. Here is another reason for Drumheller to come, because there is no doubt that he was the first blacksmith in the county south of the neighborhood of Wilkes-Barre.

There are parties now living who saw the place as early as in passing through on the old turnpike, Hazleton Coal Company up to look at the land or settle in Sugar Loaf valley. The only scrap of paper that bears the marks of authenticity, is the following abstracts from the diary of Robert Miner, and is evidently the beginning of the village of Hazleton:.

Came to Hazleton to be clerk for a company on trial; no terms fixed. Board at the old Drumheller house tavern, kept by Lewis Davenport. Railroad located and contract just assigned. Village laid out. Town lots were laid out and sold by company. Fresh pork is by the hog, 8c; corn meal 1. Then by S. Yost, F. Santee, T. Store and house by L. Miner, hotel. Moved my family from Wyoming valley, Plaines, to Hazleton. In house I have just finished on corner of Broad and Poplar streets.

Santee, blacksmith; 3 rdmy son, John Howard Miner. Unfortunately this is all of Mr. William Kisner came here in and says his recollection is that there were about ten houses then in the place. From Mrs. Eby, daughter of Lewis Davenport, we learn that her father came here in and built the Hazleton house, standing at the corner of Wyoming and Broad streets; first living at the old Bird hotel, just below the present Lehigh station; house still standing.

This was where the "State road" intersected the turnpike. She informs Dart Company Driver that William Apple came soon after her father; he was a carpenter; then came John Megargell, who opened a store at the corner of Broad and Poplar.

The first physician to locate here was Dr. Lewis Lewis. The toll-house on the old turnpike was in the southern part of the village. John Jacobs, uncle of Mrs. Martha E. Eby, nee Davenport, was killed in a runaway of the mail coach on the mountain about The first church was the old Presbyterian, where the present building stands; the old one being torn down. The old schoolhouse, where the people held union church meetings, was burned. When Mrs. Eby first remembers the place as a little girl, Hazleton Coal Company were strung along the turnpike.

The Irish were the first miners here, an d in time have been succeeded largely by other foreigners. Lewis Davenport sold the Hazleton house and built where is now the residence of Stephen D. The Mansion house was built by Greenawalt.

He and Davenport exchanged, and the latter kept the Mansion house some time. Hazleton simply commenced as a mining town, and in the remarkable advances in this line in the past forty years, it has led the van, and is now the capital of the middle coal field district. The old schoolhouse, built by the cola company was near the graveyard. Here was the general union church meeting-house, free for all, as well as the ancient pedagogue. It was, unfortunately, burned and the present frame, near the church, took its place.

Joseph Greenawalt Rosanna Charles who is now about seventy years of age, coming with her parents John Charles to Hazleton when she was "a little girl," and in addition to those named Yoder Machinery Sales Company, recalls Samuel Barenger, Thomas H.

Peter Stare kept the old toll-house, near where is now the foundry, on east Broad street. The coal industry, though commenced here in by the Hazleton Coal company, was an uncertain quantity until A few men never lost Hazleton Coal Company in ultimate success, but a great many looked upon it as s doubtful venture. That is, there was a doubt as to its ever successfully paying when carried through on a large scale. The coal company was composed of such men as Pardee, Miner and Hunt- dominated by Ario Pardee, whose faith and resolution never faltered, but who built the railroad that was the quick solution of the question, and then Hazleton was on the highway to the present form of the city.

From an old account book of Lewis Davenport, under date of October 28,is the following: "Moved to new house. There are entries in this book as far back as As he kept a hotel it is fair to presume that in this little old account book is very nearly a complete census of who were here during the thirties, as well as a correct report of the market prices of whisky and every family necessity at that time.

It is a rare case when the liquid charges do not outnumber all the others on its pages. Page one appears John Andrews and the first item is "one gal. Trinity Motorcar Company Rome Ga, 31 cents. Was it not a short way of saying "burgundy? Then is Lewis Compton: "meals, oats, hay" and some liquids. Charles Edson is next: "shingles, sugar, Cofey, gal wk. Then appears a written order, signed by William Engle for Mr.

Thomas Peler has a short account. Looking a little further down the account is "One drink, 3 cents. Bols, Jonathan and G. Fell, A. Then appears the names of S.

Markel, Hazleton Coal company, David T. Jones, Doct. Scot, George Fenstamacher, J. Baldwin, John R. Roberts, R. The book accounts come down to As they commenced about it is quite an account of the then population at this trading point. Davenport was a leading spirit of his time and stood here a very prominent figure in commercial and financial affairs. He had great opportunities to become one of the great coal barons, and abundant means to lead in that developing industry.

But while he was a man of public spirit, he preferred to use his money as an accomodation to those who desired to develop the mines, rather to invest in coal lands on his own account. Daniel P. Thus, practically, in thirty years but three families had been added to the first settlement. Coal was found here in outcrop, tested, and pronounced of superior quality inand then for some years investors could see nothing in it as there was practically no easy transportation to markets.

The Ingham brothers, merchants, built the first store here at the corner of Broad and Wyoming streets. The Hazleton Coal company commenced operations inand then Allstate Insurance Company Hauppauge Ny village was laid out by the company and settlement of the place was rapid for that time.

An act incorporating the borough of Hazleton was passed April 3,and a supplemental act April 22, Markle, councilmen; F.

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He was evidently hunting and while digging for a groundhog coal was discovered as that was in 1883 called the "Old Hazleton" mine. This led to further exploration and finally to the organization of the Hazleton Coal Co. "This was the first company that was organized in that portion of the eastern middle coal fields lying in Luzerne county."…

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The Hazleton Coal company commenced operations in 1836-7, and then the village was laid out by the company and settlement of the place was rapid for that time. An act incorporating the borough of Hazleton was passed April 3, 1851, and a supplemental act April 22, 1856.…