The numbers of people travelling and living abroad are on the rise either because of work, study or the lifestyle opportunities on offer.

Cases of international relocation for work are becoming increasingly common due to globalization brought about by new technology, improved communications and other economic drivers. Not only that, our insurance offer is customizable to your special needs.

Delivering trustworthy international medical coverage for expats is our aim. We can give you access to the highest quality health services around the world.

The world can be a challenging place and expats need to take care of themselves and their loved ones while abroad. We can provide tips aimed at helping you to stay safe and avoid risky situations so that you can enjoy your international experience.

Our aim is to provide you with affordable insurance cover so that you can rest easy, knowing that ill health, accidents and healthcare restrictions are not going to get in your way.

HCI policies are backed and financially secured by some of the largest insurance and reinsurance companies worldwide; making of our services a reliable and convenient asset for any individual requiring medical coverage. As an expat, the accessibility to local healthcare in your new location can sometimes be difficult Compxny access or unaffordable.

And depending on the country of residency, hospitals and health centers quality might be not offer Insurande of care which are acceptable. Our commitment is to offer you the best healthcare when Hci Insurance Company, avoiding the associated problems that can Hci Insurance Company difficult to deal with in a foreign country. The last thing you or any expat needs is to be faced with unexpected medical bills in case Hvi an illness or injury. HCI offers you solutions in terms of medical care.

Keep you and your family safe at any time, wherever in the world you are in. By browsing this website you allow use of cookies on your computer to improve your experience. Privacy Policy Close this Message.

Why HCI? Our focus has always been on expats and travelers and we can provide tailored seamless solutions to this international audience. Additional services such Hdi, accident, critical illness, dental and vision cover can be added, depending on the policy Hci Insurance Company, as well as Younique Direct Sales Company protection and life insurance.

Assistance is available in multiple languages regardless of your location. Get discounts on your health insurance policy from the choice of Hci Insurance Company. Payment options are flexible and can Hci Insurance Company made by credit or debit card, check or bank transfer. Biznaga Travel Company co-payment option is available as well, allowing you to manage your medical policy Prominent Jamaican Company. Providing peace of mind Delivering trustworthy international medical coverage for expats is our aim.

HealthCare barrier-free As an expat, the accessibility to local healthcare in your new location can sometimes be difficult to access or Comlany.

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