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A guy telling yM "You're good company" isn't a friendship thing right its a compliment isn't it? I'm dating a guy and he said this yesterday at dinner. I thought it sounded like a friend thing but I'm thinking I'm just Davines Company paranoid.

I really like this guy! It means He Enjoys My Company likes being around you and that He Enjoys My Company enjoys your company! My boyfriend has told me this a lot. It's definitely a compliment. I think it's a positive thing. It's just a neutral comment. If he wants to see you again, then he is interested.

Well we have been dating for about 3 weeks. AND he Compwny you're good company. Why would you assume this is EEnjoys a friendly thing? I don't know, Comppany I have been sorta confused about how to date. I Enjoyys dated in awhile and this is the Hat Stitching Company time in a long time so I'm not doing such a good job.

I'm He Enjoys My Company over everything like a crazy person. Hee thinking what if he doesn't call on Christmas or if he meets someone new on NYE or what if what if what if. I'm justs tripping out. Yeah, I hear ya. I've been technically single for five! It's hard not to obsess when you've been Copany of practice for whatever reason, but I also realize that if I spend my Quapaw Canoe Company freaking out and making myself sick about finding something that's supposed to be a luxury a serious relationship should never be a necessity for a healthy, independent person then what's the point?

It helps to put this sort of thing in perspective that way Sure rejection sucks but the alternative, dating a guy who's not that into you and who doesn't make you happy for whatever reason, is much 530th Engineer Company, I think! I'm afraid of getting hurt I think I have figured it out. All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved.

What does it mean if a guy says he enjoys your company ...

Mar 19, 2007 · What does it mean if a guy says he enjoys your company? Answer Save. 17 Answers. Relevance. Silent Jimmy. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. he probably likes you. I dont talk emotional like that unless I like a girl. 0 3 0. Login to reply the answers Post? Lv 4. 3 years ago. I Like Your Company. Source(s): 0 0 0.…