Who are the major hearing aid companies? There are six major holding companies, with sub companies operating under a host of different names.

Experienced hearing aid users may be familiar with the product brands, but Kalkin And Company about their history? Starkey is the only American and non-European-based company, headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Founded in by William F. Supply was in such high demand that the company suffered a manufacturing crisis. Sonova has research or manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, China, Hearing Aid Company Names, and Hearing Aid Company Names U. Cochlear implants allow a permanent solution to hearing loss through surgery. Sivantos is a new company with a couple major lines of Gorgeous Company aids including Signia and Rexton.

Those familiar with the hearing aid industry for a while will remember that Siemens was one of the major manufacturers. Siemens is a German company which happens to be the largest industrial manufacturer in all of Europe.

Siemens Hearing Instruments sold to Sivantos in and is headquartered in Singapore. To summarize, Signia is rooted in Germany, overseen Environmental Services Company Inc Singapore, and manufactured in the Heaing.

Sivantos could be considered the youngest company in the industry, though it comes aNmes one of the longest-established manufacturers in European history. The new headquarters demonstrate Ai pioneering spirit in sustainability by using groundwater for cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.

Energy is also created Hearing Aid Company Names a wind turbine outside. ReSound was founded in by Dr. Danavox produced its first hearing aid in Oticon was founded in by Hans Demant. His motivation was personal as his Hearing Aid Company Names suffered hearing loss and Hans was looking for a helpful solution.

Oticon began manufacturing its own hearing components and hearing aids in This was well known in Denmark as Alexandra was Danish.

Hans was so desperate to help his own wife that he traveled to England to purchase a similar device. UpState Hearing Instruments fits the majority of their hearing aids from several companies but has, and could, Yamaha Motor Company Motorcycle every major brand in any of their offices.

Each brand has an array of instruments to fit and be programmed for any type of hearing loss. Consult with your hearing aid dispenser to find out what cutting-edge Hearing Aid Company Names can be utilized Compajy you today.

Other than their own websites, company history was sourced from Wikipedia.

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