Submitted by Thorsten on 11th August Today, I am reviewing several gloves provided to us by our partner, The Heat Company. Note that they offered some of them to us for free, but I will give my honest opinion regardless.

When on an expedition, your kit Jj Box Company your life insurance, and I would never settle for anything I consider sub-par. They originally designed their gloves for military use in the harshest conditions, but have become a favourite of photographers and camera crews as well. I originally bought a set of their gloves for photography, but have since adapted to use them on expeditions as well.

Their glove systems are based on a layered approach where various liner models can be combined with a shell mitt and an optional overmitt. As of today, The Heat Company offer a selection of seven different liner gloves. When out on an expedition, I am looking for a fast-drying glove that is reasonably windproof. All the liner gloves The Heat Company offer have touch-sensitive fingertips on the thumb, index and middle finger, which is excellent when you are operating electronic devices in the field.

I do not have any problems operating my phone with them, quite contrary to many other touch-sensitive gloves. Yonah Coffee Company react with oxygen and promise to stay at body-temperature for Zen Car Company 10h. Another nifty feature is that all of the liners come with plastic d-rings attached already so that you can hook them to wrist-loops or your mitts.

That assumption certainly proved correct. The gloves are a very thin Merino, a lot lighter than I had expected. On my first model, a seam opened up on my index finger. Luckily it took only a quick email to The Heat Company, and I had a replacement pair in my mail two days later. You will feel anything above a slight breeze, and in Arctic conditions, your hands will freeze very fast.

They are Yamaha Guitar Company great pair of gloves for less demanding tasks, though. I do use them a lot for photography and for running in sub-zero temperatures. One thing to note is that with the light wool, it is also tough to get a tight grip on something without slipping. Screwing open a bottle or extending my ski poles would often require me to take the liners off altogether.

Merino Liner. One thing I noticed, however, was that my model lost the rubberised bits quite fast. There was notable wear already after a week of use, especially at the index finger and thumb.

As you may have assumed already, the drawback is with the ability to dry the gloves inside a tent. They would Heat Company Polartec Liner dry throughout the night in my sleeping bag, though, which makes them still acceptable for use on an expedition.

I am, however, also excited to try the new Merino Liner Pro, which combines Polartec and wool. Once you unpack these mitts, you will immediately notice that they mean business. They are designed to go with the liners and fit comfortably enough to create some pockets of air in between the layers. If that is not enough warmth for you, the mitts also have pockets for the hand-warmer pads.

All the shells have a leather palm to improve your grip, which is again very useful when handling your flask or poles in the cold. Like the liners, they have attachment points you can use to carabiner them to your backpack or harness. The real clue, however, is that you can open the top part of the Shell with a zipper and fold it back, so you regain use of your fingers and thumb. This is brilliant for short tasks, like snapping a quick picture or pulling out the map to check your bearings.

It also gives you another option to go between having the mitts off and having them fully on, and I do like having ventilation options. There are several magnets sewn into the mitts that help keep them in place when you open them up. It is a very convenient way to keep Heat Company Polartec Liner gloves open without fiddling with other attachment ways. It is, however, a show-stopper when you are working with a compass. You have to get your gloves off and far away from your Kentucky Cutlery Company Hunting Knife. It would be lovely to get a model of the Shell that does not include magnets.

It reduces versatility a lot, and I would not use this model for expeditions for that reason. Heat 3 Smart. All in all The Heat Company gloves we tested worked well enough for our expeditions. They kept us warm, and we had no trouble getting them dry again when they got wet. The included magnets in the mitts are a nuisance we would like to see altered, but we can work around that by removing them on our own and using velcro instead.

Any contribution is appreciated! Ice cream lover, kit junkie, runner and mad software genius.

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POLARTEC ® POWER STRETCH ® PRO™ The liner fabric is made of high quality Polartec® Power Stretch® PRO™. The nylon exterior is breathable and resistant to abrasion, while a soft polyester inner layer quickly wicks moisture away from the body. You can machine wash the Polartec® Liner at 30°C.5/5(6)…

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At a Glance Incredibly warm! Wear the SHELL as a second layer over the LINER Thumb and mitten can be folded down - ideal for handling Breathable mitten, highly wind proof and water repellent Premium Insulation PRIMALOFT Gold & Grip Control Elastic wrist straps Extra pocket for HEAT handwarmer Goatskin palm - soft a5/5(6)…

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Jan 02, 2020 · As mentioned above, The Heat Company make a wide variety of liner options to be paired with the Heat 3 Shell mitt as part of their 3-layer system. This Polartec liner offers a good balance between wind resistance, breathability and warmth, and I found it more than comfortable down to -30°C (-22°F) when used with Shell mitt.…

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Polartec liners provide perfect fit, wearing comfort and freedom of movement, and are extra warm for the coldest days. Thumb, index and middle finger can be used on all touch screens. All our liners have an extra pocket for The Heat Company Handwarmers. Meant to be used with a SHELL-SMART to complete your HEAT3 Layer System glove. Add a Polar Hood for extreme weather conditions. NO SHIPPING ...…