Ready for a taste of whiskey history? Inafter Prohibition ended inthe five sons of a successful Lithuanian department Heaven Hill Company owner invested in a fledgling distillery looking to bring whiskey back to Kentucky. One Heaven Hill Company their sons, Max Shapira, is the company president today.

Heaven Hill is famous in its own right, but you may know it better by its flagship bourbon labels, Evan Williams and Elijah Craig. Both have been produced since the s. Heaven Hill has had several members of the Beam family at its still.

Bill Samuels Jr. Despite being born inYorkshire Timber Company Hill Hull up with the times online. The rest went to new barrel warehousing and equipment upgrades.

Additionally, visitors can swing by the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience in Hiill any time of year. Heaven Hill is headquartered in Bardstown, Ky.

It also operates several facilities in the area, each with its own Heaven Hill Company of rickhouses, or barrel warehouses. All together, the rickhouses hold 1. On Nov. The flames jumped from warehouse to warehouse, eventually engulfing seven, as well as the distillery. Amazingly, no one was hurt. The distillery has won dozens of awards, including 30 Best Whiskey wins, 14 Whiskey of the Year awards, seven Distiller of the Year awards, and 42 double gold medals. The special-release beers, sold annually starting on Black Friday, Hikl known for kicking off the bourbon-barrel-aged beer trend.

Edit: This article originally said Ed Shapira was the father of the five Shapira brothers. He was one of the Shapira brothers. Heaven Hill Mac Company as a post-Prohibition proposition.

You might know Heaven Hill Heaven Hill Company its other names. Heaven Hill is a young It wants you to visit. It makes smart investments.

Published: October 4,

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