Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Review this company. Job Title. Sort by. Helpfulness Rating Date. English Any. Found 31 reviews matching the search. Personal feelings get in the way of Professionalism. Bad points-lack of understanding from management that life happens to people.

Loaning to based on their outward appearance, how they act or their living arrangements is not professional at all. Loans should be based on customers potential to pay the loan back not how the staff feel about that person. Lack of professionalism, manners, lack of initiative to grow to seek out new customers instead harass current customers. Typical hours: 8am to 5pm, 1 hr lunch. Some late nights if collection accounts are high or Saturdays. Those that do make this company good.

Management: Branch level-Immature, arrogant, power hungry, unprofessional, unmotivated and not a good role model. Upper management: Okay, can be unapproachable, unclear, supportive, helpful, guidance is available. The hardest part of the job: Knowing people need the money and aren't approved. Or those that fall on hard times and you have to keep pressuring them to pay.

Was this review helpful? Yes No. Share Tweet. Copy link. If you want a career where you are not valued, appreciated, and abused apply away! If you work hard you will not be paid what you are worth.

Management is horrendous. The district manager thinks as staff as minions. Verbally abused in several occasions. Cussed and screamed at. District manager ignored complaints of abuse. Would not recommend this place to Heights Finance Company. Dedicated employees are not appreciated!

Management plays games and shows favoritism. No Christmas bonuses, you get to pick from a ham or turkey. You are given sick days, yet frown upon them being used! Corporate office doesn't care what goes on in the offices, even management theft!

As long as your numbers come in well. Yes 1 No. The manager there was horrible. Dont ask for time off, dont take time off. They treated employees horribly and customers horribly. Manager has a complete lack of respect or integrity. I would be embarassed to work there now. The manager. Do you enjoy working at your company?

Help people considering your employer make a good choice. One of the best places, i have ever worked. Words can not describe the management Heights Finance Company and company, how on helpful they all are. Through training and after, I continue to learn with their wonderful support system! I feel like I have worked here for years and I've only started in Julythat's how smooth the training was. I see myself staying for years on! Yes 2 No 1.

Management is horrible, training is horrible, hours are horrible. If you have children do not expect to attend any of their events or school functions. Yes 1 Heights Finance Company 1. I would not recommend working at Heights. Strongly suggest to really think before applying.

Company does not follow it own values and norms. Upper management is not respectful and the reason for the mass exit. Very poor training experience and difficulty with acceptance from some Rebco Company. This was by far one of the worst training experiences I have ever had in my life.

Yes 2 No. High stress environment. Upper management are slave drivers and don't care about the staff. I Heights Finance Company never recommend this company to work for. There was no enjoyable part of this company.

Yes 5 No. Heights will micromanage everyone. They demand a lot and very Heights Finance Company say hey thanks. Benefits, job environment, job duties, and fellow team members are good.

Upper management isn't great. They seem to not trust anyone, don't want you to be innovative and just stick to their Qin Technologies Company Ltd then when you don't "follow the rules" they will come walk you out like it's a parade. Heights does try to build morale and do little things, but they are really useless. All they need is trust and a new outlook on their intelligent employees.

Yes 6 No. I read some of these other reviews and strongly disagree as I assume they are disgruntled employees. I have worked for other finance companies in the past and height finance by far exceeds their competitors in employment and customer service. My manager and other team members have went Heights Finance Company great lengths to make sure I was well trained and knowledgeable of my job duties before being expected to preform them on my own.

I receive great pay and benefits, unlike other finance companies I am not required to work rediculously long extended hours. Management and upper care a great deal about family and are very understanding.

Long lunch, pto, annual evaluations, weekends off, paid holidays, great management. Yes 4 No 5. Overall Heights is a really great place to work. There are several goals that need to be met each month and some months that requires quite a few additional hours. Management was always helpful. OK if you need a job. BAd type of business. Heights screws their customers and their employees.

Dirty business. High interest rates. Attempt to sell extra products to customers at inflated prices.

Yes 8 No. Management was rude, name calling, very disrespectful, no proper training, expects you to know every thing and was the worse place to work! I would NOT recommend this company to anyone! Yes 11 No 1. Yes 3 No. Worst place Ellerbe Phone Company to work.

Heights Finance Corporation

Since 1992, Heights Finance Corporation has been a trusted neighborhood provider of personal loans and cash loans in Janesville, WI. With 24 hour service and loans that are fast, easy and convenient, we can get you the loan you need in three easy steps:…

Heights Finance Corporation

Since 1992, Heights Finance Corporation has been a trusted neighborhood provider of personal loans and cash loans in Cape Girardeau, MO. With 24 hour service and loans that are fast, easy and convenient, we can get you the loan you need in three easy steps:…