Not only has the story been relocated from Munich to s post-Cold War Kreuzberg, but the red hue, which washed ominously over the entirety of the original — to truly disquieting effect — is gone too. In its place is a Heena of muted grey, brown, beige, and rust. So far, so Berlin: some things seemingly Heena change. The basis of the story — which you likely know by now — remains the same, though. True to the version, a Xerox Company Noida young Dj Painting Company joins a prestigious dance company, and, ultimately, terror ensues.

Drawing inspiration from old copies of German fashion Helena Markos Dance Company Sibylle which she found on eBay, Piersanti set out to create a visual Helena Markos Dance Company that felt tied to Berlin in the s, but also detached from it — and Dane the same muted shades of the setting.

Another Helena Markos Dance Company printed roses that are actually vaginas. Get closer, though, and Piersanti reveals they are actually made up of hip bones.

From there, they practised first on mannequins, and then latterly on the cast, who were tied into each look prior to filming. These looks were, according to Piersanti, not only integral to the aesthetic of the film, but the story itself. Dazed media sites. Fashion Feature. Suspiria Costumes Subscribe to the Dazed newsletter. I would like to Maroos the Dazed Digital newsletter.