Theodora is a well known Greek dance instructor and dancer throughout Canada, U. A and Greece. She Wildlife Trading Company Orlando participated in several workshops and conferences on dance, music, song, costumes and pedagogy. Theodora has been affiliated with many Hellenic organizations in Toronto since her youth as a dancer and later as Warriors Company. Her love, aptitude and passion for the Greek culture have taken the groups she has led to another level of knowledge and expertise.

Over the last twenty years she has taught numerous dance groups of which include. She has also been actively involved with Klironomia Hellenic Folklore in Canada and recently took on the position of Assistant Director. Currently, her research has been centered on authentic village traditional costumes and jewelry. Theodora's specialty is focused on the authenticity and purest form of Greek dance from all regions of Greece. Thracian, Asia Minor and Island dances are her main areas of study.

He has attended many seminars and workshops on dance including receiving instruction in Athens, Crete, and Thessalonica. He began his teaching Hellenic Dance Company at the St.

After his tenure at St. Nicholas, he spent time as an independent instructor, pursuing his personal research into Greek Hellenic Dance Company while at the same time assisting fellow instructors as a guest instructor and performing in various dance troupes.

Since he has been exclusively involved with Paradosi HDC and has worked alongside his other three colleagues to make Paradosi a unique place where serious dancers can learn authentic Greek Dance. He currently serves the community of Prophet Elias in Mississauga where he participates in youth work, dance programs and hospital ministry.

He is currently serving at Sts. Despina has established herself as an accomplished dance instructor in Canada, the United States of America, Hellenic Dance Company Greece. She has been involved in Hellenic Dance Company dance from a young age. She believes that Greek dance Hellenic Dance Company a passionate and emotional form of expression.

She is a firm advocate of authenticity and simplicity. Despina has been both a dancer and instructor within the Greek Community of Toronto. Her repertoire has led ensembles to competitive victories. Her strong suit is researching authentic and rare traditional Greek music. She is educated 3s Company all the regions of Greece, but her main area of expertise is Macedonia and Pontos.

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Sydney Hellenic Dance Company is a Greek dancing school that has been operating in Sydney for 28 years. For over two decades we have taught students traditional and contemporary Greek dance. Each year our students perform at a number of community events as well as at our mid-year Dinner Dance and Christmas Concert.Location: PO BOX 447 EARLWOOD Sydney, NSW 2206…

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Hellenic Dance Company. Η Hellenic Dance Company, η ομάδα που δημιουργήθηκε το 2000, με πρωτοβουλία της Διευθύντριας Παυλίνας Βερέμη, απασχολεί επαγγελματίες χορευτές, αποφοίτους της ΚΣΟΤ, αλλά και ταλαντούχους σπουδαστές της Σχολής.…