Could we replace fossil fuel-based plastic with hemp? You may have heard that agricultural hemp, the non-mind-altering cousin of cannabis commonly known as marijuanahas dozens of potential uses from clothing to paper. Researchers found 38 million pieces of plastic waste on one uninhabited island in the South Pacific.

Not only are the harmful effects of global warming increasingly clear, conventional plastics linger in the environment and can even enter the Hfmp chain to detrimental effect on human and animal health. Compamy oceans are in a similar or even worse state, thanks to the risk of microplastics, or tiny fragments of plastic that pollute the waters and are often eaten by marine life. Some of the earliest plastics were made from cellulose fibers obtained from organic, non-petroleum-based sources.

Plasgic to their high strength and rigidity, these plastics are currently used in the construction of cars, boats, and even musical instruments. Many plastic products are made from polymer resins, including polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, found in everyday products like plastic Adamson Roofing Company. The good news is that many corporations are investing heavily in researching replacements to traditional PET.

The U. Though hemp requires fewer pesticides and has a smaller environmental footprint than many other crops, growing and harvesting it remains labor intensive. However, hemp prices will undoubtedly come down, and technology improve Hemp Plastic Company Stock hemp growing spreads from coast to coast. Green Spring Technologies creates hemp plastics used in several projects, including hemp plastic pens that several politicians have used to sign hemp legalization bills.

SANA Packaging focuses on creating sustainable packaging for the legal cannabis and hemp industries. PF DesignLab are cutting edge researchers creating plastic and other composite materials from hemp and other plants. We were amazed at their 3D-printed Cpmpany bicycle framean experimental creation we Vijayalaxmi Cashew Company showcased at the NoCo Hemp Expo in Magazine, the Texas Observer and Truthout.

Your email address will not be published. Thanks, LEGO, but is too late. We need to replace petrochemical plastics now. This prohibition of hemp is another crime committed against all humanity. I hope that one day these corporations are held accountable Plastoc tried like people who commit war crimes.

These people are all the same mentality and care for profits rather than the planet or any of the planets inhabitants. Hemp has always been the superior product for sooo many things we use daily. Like everything else money has hijacked our laws. Corporations have no conscience. The bottom line is always money and greed. Destroying our Planet means nothing to Corporate madness.

Please, embrace green Distinction Furniture Company and biodegradable everything! I am looking to buy 16 oz cups for my golf club. They are using Hemp Plastic Company Stock now, which I want to change. This article seems to say there are no viable hemp cups. Yes, hemp grows without the need for pesticides and in many areas 3 to 4 crops a year.

In reply to Allen, the Hemp plastic that was used to wrap soaps I used to sell also made with hemp would break down very quickly when exposed to the sunlight.

On hot days, we had to shade it on our stall to prevent that from happening. It is a wonderful plant that could have continued as it was when farmers in the US were subsidised to grow it. It was used to make uniforms, ships sails and rigging, paper etc and cannabis was used as a medicine. If we had continued with its many possible uses, this world might not have got to the shocking state it is in now. If we combine hemp with cannibus Hmp legislation you will be extending the time it can get approved by our legislators.

It was outlawed in the first place because of the fact there was no distinction between hemp and Plasitc We need to promote hemp and the many beneficial benefits it has to get the laws changed to be able to produce it. Right now if you grow hemp and are caught transporting it by Federal Authorities you will go to jail. Cannablis and hemp look the same and cannot be Hemp Plastic Company Stock from each other except by testing in the lab. We can now grow Us Land Company in Tennessee but have to be approved by Cokpany state and only grow a variety that can not be used for its mind alternating effect.

Still if caught transporting by Feds you will be in trouble. I have questions? Would it be possible to use hemp as substitute to press records there called Vinyls after all and as far as I know it use a fossil fuel plastic component could we replace it with a hemp plastics components? The first thing that needs to happen is to get it of the controlled substances list.

Next, the subsidies for petro products Plasfic to be transferred to the Hemp industry. Farmers are going broke and this would be an excellent way to turn that situation around. Following this vein, stop importing the product and grow it here. Let China go broke importing petro chemicals and at the same time begin making all these stupid plastic toys, etc. A great deal of what goes into your recycle bin is rejected for just this reason.

The same process from the newspaper industry was what led Hemp and Cannibus to be listed as Schedule 1 drugs in the first place. Lobby your Congress folks. Though they might become addicted because Hemp products are just so cool! Is there anybody there who remedy this situation? Do not tell me GOD as I am an evolutionist.

I am willing to assist. The oligarchs that fund the candidates for election and therefore control them when they are elected, wish to maintain their sources of wealth.

This is exciting to me! Have absolutely no first hand knowledge about the hemp industry. I recently viewed articles concerning plastic in an ocean and in the Ghanges River in India. Since then I have needed ecotherapy. And am considering Skyping an online therapist. No kidding I am disabled and spend to much time recycling every day.

The Bible. What are we waiting Coompany You are holding the blinking hose! There are over 30 countries where hemp is legal to grow and is currently a crop. Of course, it is just stupid for the U. But what do we really know about how much secrecy is going on? What are the real development s? You mean to tell me that you really think we know anything of what another country has when our government does all it can to keep us in the dark about its own innovations.

Hemp has a higher biodegradable faster than all Petri products and the extraction is eazy. It grows, now we can talk about ozone layers in the atmosphere,… It go s on and on.

If hemp was good then governments us is evil. Evil should be kept to the minimum. The water, soil, and cost could be brought down by indoor growing and or recycled water as they do Hepm Holland. The greed factor could play the biggest role despite what we are being told. No doubt there will Hep problems to over come. Post Views: 79, We Recommend Reading. News Kit O'Connell. News Jonathan Miller. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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