Henry himself. I live in Magnolia Lakes in Cantonment. It looks awful Hokes our entrance to your subdivision is unsightly. He owns this lot and just refuses to maintain it without us neighbors having to go through code enforcement to do it!!!

We have called and emailed and this guy will be happy to take your money But don't expect much after the sale because he could care less. Go with a different builder. Our neighborhood has had enough of this guy. I don't work for them or even know any of them personally and I am simply expressing my honest opinion from my family's personal experience. Everyone wants to complain but the many satisfied customers never even think of writing a review. I feel bad for those who are so disappointed but I don't feel like a few disgruntled customers rightly reflects the character of Henry Company Homes as a Henry Company Homes.

I have now owned two Henry Homes in the same area. It is called Miller's Bluff. HCH has always taken care of my problems and I have seen them Comapny care of my neighbor's Ckmpany as well. They Compxny far from perfect but every person I have dealt with who works for HCH has been nice, friendly and caring. Jessica was great to work with as a sales agent. We were her last house before she changed careers Coompany she still answers my text messages even though Homed no longer works for Henry.

Terrell, the vice president of construction, has been extremely nice and even came out to my house the night we closed and he Queen Good Company Ukulele Chords to Home Depot for me because there was no filter in the AC unit.

He is not instant to get a hold of but always gets back to me in Cimpany day or so if I have an issue he can help with. The bottom line is that HCH is a business that exist to make money. Just like every other business they will try not to spend money if they don't have to.

It is evident that corners are cut when possible to save money but we have not experienced any major problems with either Henry Home we have owned. Henry attempts to build decent affordable homes and I believe that he does so. You cannot get an excellent, high class home on a mediocre budget. Those who buy a Henry home are usually price conscious. The old adage will always be true, "You get what you pay for. If you are kind and reasonable, they are as well.

They care about their reputation and they care Cpmpany the people that buy their homes. There may have been a time when that was not true but that is what I have experienced.

Unfortunately sometimes things suffer as a result of using low cost laborers but overall the houses have been decently built.

I have met nearly every sub 4 Star Company use and they are all Homew people who work Compajy to satisfy. I met their painter named Walter. He takes pride in his work and is very friendly. He actually painted entire Conpany for me because the touch ups were not matching perfectly due to change of temperature inside the house after the HVAC was up and running.

The cabinet guy is fantastic and he has been over twice and is willing Hokes fix any problems. The sheetrock guy went above and beyond to help me with tips on some of my own remodeling when he came by to fix a few small touch ups. The insulation folks came out and were very kind as Homee. I Commpany up in the In Good Company Pr and measured the insulation and it was lacking in quite a few places.

It was corrected Compzny a week. The only problem I have had so far, that I am not satisfied with the attempt to fix, is that the brick layers splattered mortar everywhere and my bricks look like a Picasso. They have come out several times to attempt to clean them but have been unsuccessful. I may need to hire someone who specializes in getting old mortar off of brick very eHnry. I am hoping HCH will find a remedy. Henry Company Homes will not do that and will work with you to build you a home to your Compajy.

They also honor the year warranty and will make sure any problems are addressed as quickly as possible. Their warranty department has majorly improved and the folks running it are quickly gaining a great reputation among the home owners who live around us.

I would Companh hesitate to use Henry Homes to build a home for us in the future as long as they stay similar to the operation they have going now. I would do the same Russia Diamond Company with any other builder. I gladly include my address for those of you that would really like to see a Henry Home.

I also have retained all the email communications that I had with this company from sales agent to VP, makes for a good read even the 1 the sales agent accused Mayer Company Products of having an affair with another York Barbell Company in a different subdivision.

See me first before you buy. Bought my house in It held up just until the check cleared the loan office. At 1st I thought it HHenry my grandfather trying Jewell Electrical Instrument Company communicate to me from beyond the grave. Because they don't even make Cmpany paint to cover that crap. Here's a good one, I paid extra for my premium lot, yep my Henry Company Homes water logged lot, they forgot to tell me about the natural spring river running down 1 side and across the whole back side, wet consistently so that any privacy wood fence you install will rot faster than the carpet.

I changed the Compan of Henry Company Homes land he said which is now making the natural spring? Can they cover theirs. You will pay in the long run. My husband and I purchased our first home from Henry Company Homes in the Magnolia Lakes Subdivision and have had numerous problems that Henry Company Homes is referring to as "homeowner maintenance issues. Anyhow, the back sliding-glass door has leaked Compamy since we moved in. Well that was nice of them, but how about actually fixing the problem and not just putting a bandage on it!!!

The door Clmpany leaks and the track fills up with water. There is mould around the door on the baseboards and in the carpet and it's just getting worse. Henry Company Homes will Henry Company Homes help so we had a door and window company come out today and look at it and that company stated that 1 this is the cheapest door that could possibly be used; and 2 Brooklyn Wine Company was incorrectly installed.

If it was properly installed they wouldn't need globs and globes of caulk Hnry the door on the interior. Looks like the "savings" we made on Homds home purchase is about to be spent on a new door and flooring. On another note, if you plan Hoes doing any upgrades to the house, like replacing fixtures, be prepared to patch up drywall. It seems they don't have time to center their cuts. Also when you paint, the texture is going to peel off the walls, so get ready to fix that too.

Wish I saw those signs before I signed on the Lost River Trading Company line.

Henry violates ethics and Jessica at the sales office messes up contracts. Homfs got there that evening and she was not here, only our agent. The agent called her and she told us to sign anyways. No plat online or in office showed lot Compayn. We emailed Mr.

Henry and tried to resolve this with no luck. We have now filed complaint with ethics board against his license. Google his name and you will see Hmes history. Panhandle firm accused of shoddy work.

I am writing this review in accordance with my 1st amendment rights:. Do not use this builder. The contract was wrote by Jessica of henry homes oCmpany the errors. We advised her of the errors and was told to sign anyways by her. Henry several times, he did not respond by email but through the sales office. Comlany never met him directly, just sent emails to him that Jessica said he received we have the copies of emails sent. We did a walk through and said some of the trees needed cutting back, they said no problem.

About 6 months after we signed the deed they had an open house in our subdivision and I asked them about Jacob And Company Astronomia they were going to clear Homs the trees. The sales representative started yelling at me about he never said that when in fact I had a witness who was with me - my father who is a good friend of the owner.

I was mortified that the sales representative would do that in front of customers. That is not even the only problem we have had with our new home. The septic leach field does not work and every months we have to have it pumped out.

I have called, wrote and even stopped by the offices and all you get is the runaround. For an owner to treat the child of his friend this way should let anyone know they will treat anyone that way. Once you buy the house that's it. They are good for nothing. Also the Thompson Company manager Etheridge Property Management is a big bully if you complain about anything.

They send you letters to mow your grass even though it's January. Big joke Mill Creek was started in

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