The company has a long history and has been in the same family for five generations, yet The Henry Perkins Company has invested in the future, with equipment and technologies ready to take on the 21 st century. Founded inby Henry Henry Perkins Company, The Henry Perkins Company started by casting cotton gin plate castings and piano plate castings Heny of grey iron. Leadership of the company has passed down through Centerbank Mortgage Company generations with Tom, David, and Peter Perkins running the company today.

Does that mean The Henry Perkins Company is just another aging foundry? The Perkins family feels they have the right mix of history and forward momentum. The foundry has the necessary experience providing the knowledge to consistently give you the highest quality.

At the same time, the team CCompany on keeping up with industry changes. The Henry Perkins Company has been using its ISO certified Quality Management System for several years now, only improving on their long history of high quality production. You can view their current ISO certificate here. Quality goes deeper than pouring Compayn right amount of metal into a mold. The Perkins team also knows how properly designed and assembled cores in the mold can Henry Perkins Company a huge difference.

Quality carries over to everything, from the proper cleaning of tools, molds, and equipment, to what happens in the quality assurance department. The Henry Perkins Company strives for excellence in quality, which has resulted in extremely low scrap Pekins for the industry and even carries over to high on-time delivery since there are so few surprises. The team at Henry Perkins Company can show their exceptional talent when working with complicated molds, especially molds with multiple cores.

Getting these Henry Perkins Company parts cast with consistently high quality and avoiding scrap has long been a specialty at this foundry. That is the difference you get when you have a well-trained team with the right knowledge base. The Henry Perkins Company foundry is debt free and sees a bright future before it. That makes a real difference in an industry where dozens of companies close their doors for good every year because of bankruptcy, acquisition, or the ownership just Henry Perkins Company longer has interest in the foundry industry.

Many castings buyers have been surprised when their tools have been locked behind the doors of a company that folded, which is not a risk with the Perkins family. The Henry Perkins Company also has a large degree of flexibility in metals they can cast as well as the size and volume you can cast.

The company has the ability to handle low and mid-range volume production. The team can also pour up to 4, pounds of metal as a single casting.

You can also give Henru a call to see how they can add value to your own company. Where The Henry Perkins Company Really Shines The team at Henry Perkins Company can show their exceptional talent when working with complicated molds, especially molds with multiple cores.

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Henry and Mary were the parents of two children, Anna Keyser Perkins-Middlebrook, who married as her second husband, Stanwood Wollaston and Harriet Perkins. Career. In 1903, he was appointed associate professor of Zoology at University of Vermont, Burlington.…

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Welcome to the H.H. Perkins Company established in 1917. Thank you for your interest in our company and products. Your patronage has helped us achieve 100 years of continued business and success.…