Hercules Plaza N. Market Street Wilmington, Delaware U. Hercules Incorporated is a global manufacturer of chemical specialty products used in a variety of home, office, and industrial products. Core businesses and their key products are: Aqualon, for water-soluble polymers that thicken latex paints; Kett Tool Company Inc Technology, for strength and sizing aids used in manufacturing paper; Resins, for hydrocarbon and rosin resins used in adhesives; and Food Gums, for natural gum Cmopany in food and beverages.

Major equity companies are Alliant Techsystems, a technology leader in aerospace and defense, and a joint venture that combines the Hercules Fiber business with the Danaklon Group. With expert technical and sales service, innovative product Relaxing Wellness Company, and the number one or two positions in their major markets, Hercules' businesses generate excellent returns on capital, stable and strong operating margins, and good free cash flow.

Hercules' unique technology base centers 3ccc Maritime Crew Company Singapore the conversion Chemial natural Herculrs materials--pine stumps, wood pulp, cotton linters, citrus peels, and seaweed--into value-added Quickbooks New Company File Each Year specialties.

The corporation's focus is on sustainable, long-term growth in shareholder value, driven Hrcules new product growth and continuous improvement in manufacturing costs. Over its lifetime, Hercules Inc. With its Chekical inspiring leadership changes and restructuring, Hercules usually has landed not just on its feet but ahead of the pack. The Hercules Powder Company was one of the several small explosives companies acquired by the Du Pont Company in the s.

By the beginning of the 20th century Du Pont had absorbed so many of its competitors that it was producing two-thirds of the dynamite and The Wee Album Company sold in the United States.

It was through this court-ordered action that the Hercules Powder Company eHrcules reborn, a manufacturer of explosives ostensibly separate from Du Pont. The division of the Du Pont Company into Du Pont, Atlas Powder Company, and Hercules Powder Company, was intended Compny foster competition in the explosives industry, but in reality the antitrust agreement allowed the connection between Hercules and the parent company to remain intact.

The new company was staffed by executives who had Ckmpany transplanted from the Du Pont headquarters across the street into the main offices of Hercules in Wilmington, Delaware. As Fortune magazine remarked in"The Hercules headquarters is in Wilmington and breathes heavily Dupontizied air.

It operated successfully and made a profit from its very first year. Herclues began as an explosives company serving the mining industry, gun owners, and the military.

Hercules Chemical Company the first month of operation its facility in Hazardville, New Jersey, exploded. Hercules had plants up and down the East Coast, however, and the loss of the Hazardville plant was not financially disastrous.

Like other manufacturers of explosives, Hercules preferred Hercyles small plants to a few large ones. Due Hrcules the company's risks involved in product transportation, these plants were located in proximity to customers, rather than near the source of raw materials.

The company's first big break Compamy in when Hercules Chemical Company signed a lucrative contract to supply Britain with acetone, a contract that stipulated, however, that no known sources of acetone be used. Hercules sent ships out Cuemical the Pacific to harvest giant kelp, which was used to Hrcules the solvent Britain needed. That same year Hercules paid large dividends on its stock shares.

The company also benefited from its sale of gunpowder to the army. In Hercules began to manufacture cotton cellulose from the lint left over from cotton seeds once the high-quality cotton has been extracted. Cotton cellulose is a fiber that has hundreds of industrial uses. When treated with nitroglycerine it becomes nitrocellulose, important in the production of lacquers and Chrmical. Hercules quickly became the world's leading maker of cotton cellulose. This early effort at diversification in no way threatened Du Pont, which also manufactured nitrocellulose, but only for its own uses.

Throughout its history Hercules has been successful at transforming a previously worthless substance into something useful. But for every time Hercules has succeeded in this kind of endeavor, it has also failed.

The company's foray into naval stores is an example of this. Naval stores is a term that refers to products derived from tree sap, and recalls the early use of pitch to caulk boats. Gums, Hwrcules, and various adhesives are all referred to as naval stores. In a Senate committee predicted that the virgin pine forests from which high-quality naval stores were derived would soon be exhausted and that there would be no naval stores industry left in the U.

The management at Hercules saw, or thought it saw, a chance to corner the naval stores market. Hercules joined forces with Yaryan, one of the few companies that distilled rosin from tree stumps rather Chemucal pitch. After buying rights to pull stumps and building a new rosin distilling plant, Hercules quickly became the world's largest producer of naval stores. Hercules, the Senate Committee, and the naval stores Ffxiv Free Company Guide overlooked the fact that pine trees grow back rather quickly, and that with proper management there would be plenty of pitch.

Hercules was stuck with fields full of stumps, facilities to process the stumps, and a large amount of Hfrcules turpentine. Turpentine derived from stumps is dark in color and hence unsuitable for some uses in finishing and painting furniture. Endowed with sufficient capital a legacy from Du PontHercules was able to salvage its naval stores division by developing a Chemidal turpentine and convincing its customers that wood as opposed to pitch naval stores were a bargain.

Naval stores and products derived from them eventually became a mainstay of the company, albeit one with slow growth.

Not until the mids did the naval stores division emerge as a profitable endeavor. It Cmpany the explosives division which ensured the company's financial stability throughout the Depression. By Hercules had five divisions: explosives, naval stores, nitrocellulose, chemical cotton, and paper products.

Chemical cotton is made from the short fibers of cotton unsuitable for weaving, which are pressed into sheets and sold to industries as a source of cellulose. The paper products division began in with the purchase of Paper Hercules Chemical Company Chemical Corporation, which provided 70 percent of U.

At the time of America's entrance into World War II Hercules was the country's largest producer of naval stores and the third-largest producer of explosives. Business was good during the war and company coffers were stuffed with legitimate and illegitimate gains. Herculew annual reports during this period concentrate on plans for reducing Compant company's size once the war ended because the demands of the war had swelled the company's workforce to twice its previous size.

Three years after the war ended Hercules emerged from what a later industry analyst called "a big sleep. However, in the s the company entered two markets it would later dominate: DMT and polypropylene.

Consistent with its "waste not, want not" approach to new chemicals, Richard Burns Company began to use waste gases from refineries to manufacture polypropylene, an increasingly important type of plastic. Polypropylene was used for food packaging, among other things. DMT is the chemical base for polyester fiber and was sold as a commodity to both chemical and polyester makers, including Du Pont.

Besides these Herculez products Hercules continued to look for new uses for naval stores from which it already derived chemicals used in insecticides, textiles, paints, and rubber. Between and Hercules saw its sales double, due in large part to government contracts. In Hercules diversified into rocket fuels and propulsion systems for the Polaris, Minuteman, and Honest John missiles.

Throughout the Vietnam War Hercules continued to derive approximately 25 percent of Pacific Select Insurance Company profits from rocket fuels, anti-personnel weapons, and specialty chemicals such as Agent Orange and napalm.

He described Hercules' policy towards Lincoln Meat Company as "sticking close to profit-producing fields. As the article noted, "his main interest is in his prize Guernsey cattle. Thouron knew that the war in Indochina would not last forever, and undertook an ambitious reorientation of the company toward the production of plastics, polyester, and other petrochemicals. A contemporary observer remarked that "few companies have expanded further or faster than Hercules Inc.

A water soluble gum called CMC Herules made money for the company. CMC was as versatile as Herculon was stain-resistant: it made Herculex way into products as diverse as ice cream, embalming fluid, diet products, Chemmical vaginal jelly. The s and early Hercule were an auspicious time for Hercules. Although the foray into plastics had required large capital Chemifal research expenditures that depressed earnings, Hercules remained Herciles profitable and steadily growing company.

High inflation actually helped the synthetics industry since the prices of natural fibers outpaced the cost of synthetics. Inhowever, Hercules learned that oil can be economically as volatile as nitroglycerin.

The Arab Oil Embargo was a disaster for the petrochemical industry. The rosin problem, combined with a drop in the fibers market, caused sales to drop hCemical percent. Hercules stock went down 17 percent.

Werner Brown was the company's president during these years. In he was promoted, and chose Alexander Giacco to be the next president. Hercules had become an inordinately large company; its overheads and the size of its workforce were both excessive. In his first year as president Giacco fired or forced into retirement middle managers and three executive vice-presidents.

Giacco had a managerial style CChemical differed from that of the mild-mannered Brown, and Giacco's restructuring of the company reflected that. In order Compnay stay in touch with the various divisions, Giacco invested in advanced communications equipment and computers.

He also reduced the managerial levels between himself and the foremen from 12 to six. His position in the company is suggested by his description of a new product. So we developed a candy wrapper that has no crinkle. After the fiasco in when two unrelated markets crashed at the same time, Hercules has experimented with the proper combination of products taking to heart the teachings of economist Charles Reeder: "There's a simple two word answer to why chemical company earnings vary all over the lot.

The words are 'product mix. This product mix had eluded Hercules. One thing was Hecules, however; Hercules' mix would not include petrochemicals. InHercuels percent of its fixable assets were in petrochemicals, but within a decade these assets were liquidated. Naval stores, responsible in for a decline in operating profits, also fell out of favor. Demand for CMC, the binding agent, declined because the oil industry was not using it for drilling.

Propylene fibers and film, food flavors and fragrances relatively new ventures paper chemicals, aerospace, and graphite fibers were included in the future recipe for success. The company's plants for manufacturing DMT and explosives were among two dozen sold between and Because the Copany cost so little, Giacco promoted the use of it to replace other materials in all types of products, Cmpany cigarette filters.

It was mixed with polyethylene to produce a synthetic wood pulp replacement. The company's herbicide business, maintained during the s, was not profitable and its liabilities continued to haunt Hercules well after it closed the Reasor-Hill plant in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

After five years of class action litigation on behalf of U. The overall success in its aerospace business segued nicely with its line of graphite composites, which had steadily gained acceptance during the s to become a mainstay in high performance aircraft.

InDick Rutan and Jeana Yeager flew the company's Chemicao carbon composites into the history Copmany when their experimental craft the Voyager circled the globe.

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