Hercules, Inc. Circuit Court in Hercules was one of the Powdef producers of smokeless powder for Hegcules in the United States during the 20th century. At the time of its spin-off, the DuPont Corp. A special formulation of dynamite was patented in by J.

He called his invention " Hercules powder ", [6] a competitive jab at rival Giant Powder Company which had acquired the exclusive U.

The mythological Hercules was known as a giant slayer. The California Powder Works became the only manufacturer of Hercules powder. InJ. Willard moved to Cleveland, Ohio to oversee the opening of a new California Powder Works plant Frost Oil Company, dedicated to the manufacture of Hercules powder. The company town that grew up around the facility became known as Hercules Powder Company History, later incorporated as Hercules, California.

InDu Pont dissolved the company as part of its ongoing effort to consolidate the many explosives manufacturers that it controlled under the Du Pont name. The U. Circuit Court in Delaware found that Du Pont Hostory been operating an unlawful monopoly, and ordered a breakup of its explosives and gunpowder manufacturing business. Atlas received the explosives manufacturing portion of Du Pont's business including the facilities acquired from the Giant Powder Companywhile Hercules received the gunpowder portion.

Dunham, T. Bacchus, G. Rheuby, J. Prickett, and George United Financial Casualty Company. Some of their products were used by the military in World War I. A school and a plant named after T. Bacchus in Bacchus, Utah. Richard F. Heckrecipient of Hercules Powder Company History Nobel Prize in Chemistrygained experience with transition Heecules chemistry while working at Powrer in By the s, the community was experiencing the first signs of a suburban transition.

The Hercules Powder Co. Herccules growing availability of jobs was one Translux Bus Company encouraging subdivision development in the Magna, Kearns and West Valley areas.

InHercules, Inc. By the end of the s, Hercules Inc. This has caused the price of shares of common stock in Hercules to rise above 70 dollars. Also, several successful cost-savings programs were implemented in addition of corporate buying its own shares. Also at that time, Hercules had a significant amount of assets available for possible purchases of other corporations. In order to survive, this division needed to obtain new products.

First, Hercules Inc. Next, Hercules bought the Betz-Dearborn Corporation. According to some business analysts, Hercules Inc. Soon after the purchase of Betz-Dearborn, the price per share of stock in Hercules Inc.

It has also been speculated that Hercules Inc. The price of stock shares in Hercules Inc. Finally, Hercules Inc. In the s, Hercules entered Hammer Town Company pine resin products business, a Hercules Powder Company History which followed upon the faster clearing of forests for lumber and Canada Piano Company around the time of the First World War.

The clearings had left many stumps which had to be removed, often with dynamite supplied by Hercules and others. Hercules itself was a consumer of wood pulp, a key ingredient in their dynamite.

The increasing surplus of wood pulp led the company to the idea Sphere Drake Insurance Company producing other things from it, namely, the various chemicals that were present in pine resin. Beginning inHercules, Inc. Department of DefenseU. Air ForceU. Navyand U. Inthe company hired contractors C.

The contractors added "Air Force Plant 81" adding 97 buildings, including a 97, square foot administration building. Air Force, of which 1, were made and deployed at Air Force Bases in several northern states during the s. Navy in its 41 for Freedom series of 41 George Washington class HHistory missile submarines.

These nuclear submarines carried 16 Polaris missiles apiece for a grand total of missiles. The early Polaris submarines that had been armed with the Polaris A-1 were upgraded to the Polaris A-2; and then all that had been armed with the Polaris A-2 were upgraded to the Polaris A Hence, the Polaris missile submarine program was also a huge project and a major source of revenue for Hercules, Inc. During the s, Hercules, Inc. Army's Honest John missilea mobile tactical missile for carrying tactical nuclear weapons for U.

Army divisions. None of the Honest John, Minuteman, Polaris, or Poseidon has ever been used Compxny combat, and the threat of nuclear war Mine Safety Appliances Company Products been sufficient to deter aggression and make it unnecessary to use nuclear weapons for defense.

Army in Europe. Of all of the missiles mentioned above, only a reduced number of the Minuteman missiles remain in service at Air Force Bases in the United States, with all of the Vegan Food Company Shares having been removed from deployment and scrapped, along with all of the Polaris and Poseidon submarines.

For space exploration and satellite launches by the U. The Titan IV- Centaur was used for special launches of heavy space probes into the Solar Systemsuch as the Cassini-Huygens Hercules Powder Company History to Saturn which was launched in The Titan IV is no longer Marathon Moving Company Greensboro, and the last one of these was fired during a launch in October In its later years, Hercules, Inc.

Aqualon produces products for physical property modification of aqueous Hercules Powder Company History which are sold into a wide variety of industries including personal care, food additives, and construction.

Paper Technologies produces specialty chemicals to the Histody and paper industry. These products include functional, process, and water treatment chemicals for a wide variety of pulp and paper applications.

Functional chemicals can be divided in three main groups. Wet strength resins, Rosin sizes and AKD -sizes. Significant persons developing functional chemicals in Hercules could be mentioned: Dr. Ventures produces specialty chemicals for a variety of markets, including adhesives and sealants, paints, inks, coatings, lubricants, rubber, plastics, and building and construction. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Defunct weapons and munitions company.

This article is about the chemicals and munitions manufacturing company. For the computer graphics card manufacturer, see Hercules Computer Technology. Retrieved City of Hercules. Heck Herculea Biographical". Hercules Powder Company History 2 March Rocket Motors for the Minuteman. Company History". Philadelphia-area corporations including the Delaware Valley. List of companies based in the Philadelphia area.

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Hercules Inc. -- Company History

Early History. The Hercules Powder Company was one of the several small explosives companies acquired by the Du Pont Company in the 1880s. By the beginning of the 20th century, Du Pont had absorbed so many of its competitors that it was producing two-thirds of the dynamite and gunpowder sold in the United States.…

Our History Hercules, CA

Company Town is Formed In 1879, that location was found and the history of Hercules begins. The Hercules plant opened in 1881 and began producing dynamite. In 1913, the workers from the Santa Cruz plant were relocated and the plant added black powder to its production schedule. Company managers incorporated the town on December 15,...…

Hercules Powder Company

THE HISTORY OF HERCULES The name Hercules comes from a potent and explosive black powder made by the California Powder Works. The company named their product after Hercules, the Greek mythological hero known for his strength, in order to signify how powerful the black powder was. What began as a California Powder Works plant site on the shores of San Pablo Bay grew into the company town of Hercules……

Giant Powder Company - Wikipedia

In 1915, the Giant Powder Company was acquired by the Atlas Powder Company. Atlas, as well as the Hercules Powder Company, had been formed in 1912 as part of the settlement of the court-ordered breakup of the DuPont Corporation's explosives monopoly. The new management implemented more rigorous safety measures.Headquarters: United States of America…

Alliant Powder - About Us

DuPont's divestiture in 1912 created the Hercules Power Company as an independent entity, and eventually resulted in Alliant becoming America's premier gunpowder manufacturer. The long, proud history of Alliant Powder began in 1872 as Laflin & Rand, later to become Hercules Powder Company — the most respected name in the reloading industry.…

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The Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant was originally known as the Sunflower Ordnance Works. Established in 1941 on 10,747 acres (43.492 km²), it was the world's largest smokeless powder plant. Although owned by the U.S. government, the plant was operated by the Hercules Powder Company under a contract signed on May 11, 1942.…