It developed and provided a wide variety of hardware components as well as software and related services to consumers, small- and medium-sized businesses SMBs and large enterprises, including customers in the government, health and education sectors.

InHP split into two companies: one retaining the original company name, the other named Agilent Technologies. The first product Compny of Hewlett-Packard, test and measurement equipment, Companyy to Agilent Technologies, Ibrahimovic Company HP retained focus on its later products including computers and printers. The company was founded in a one-car garage the historic HP Garage at Addison Avenue, an official Xenon Company Historical Heqlett its plaque reads "Birthplace of 'Silicon Valley'" in Palo Alto, California by Bill Hewlett and David Packardand initially produced a line of electronic test and measurement equipment.

The company got its first big contract inproviding its test Packsrd measurement instruments for production of Walt Disney Pictures ' hugely successful animated film Fantasia. The company grew into a multinational corporation widely respected for its products, and its management style and culture known as the HP Way which was adopted by other businesses worldwide.

Major product lines included personal computing devices, enterprise and industry standard servers, related storage devices, networking products, software and a diverse range of printers and other imaging products. HP directly marketed its products to households, small- to medium-sized businesses and enterprises as well as via online distribution, consumer-electronics and office-supply retailers, software partners and major technology Compaby.

HP also had services and a consulting business for its products and partner products. In NovemberHP announced the acquisition of 3Com[4] with the deal closing on April 12, Hewlett-Packard spun off its enterprise products and services business as Hewlett Packard Enterprise on November 1, Bill Hewlett and David Packard graduated with degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford University in The company originated in a garage in nearby Palo Alto during a fellowship they had with a past professor, Frederick Terman at Stanford during the Great Depression.

They considered Terman a mentor in forming Hewlett-Packard. In Hdwlett, Hewlett and Packard decided to formalize their partnership. Of the many projects they worked on, their first financially successful product was a precision audio oscillatorthe Model HPA. Their innovation was the use of a small incandescent light bulb known as a "pilot light" as a temperature dependent resistor in a critical portion of the circuit, the negative feedback loop which stabilized the amplitude of the output sinusoidal waveform.

The Model series of generators continued production until at least as the AB, still tube-based but improved in design through the years. They worked on counter-radar technology and artillery shell proximity fuzes during World War II, which allowed Packard but not Hewlett to be exempt from the draft.

HP's line of products during the war Hewlftt the audio oscillator, a wave analyzer, distortion analyzers, an audio-signal generator, and the Model A vacuum-tube voltmeterand employed people. Inthe company incorporated with Packard as president. He handed the presidency over to Hewlett when he became chairman inbut remained CEO of the company. HP is recognized as the symbolic founder of Silicon Valleyalthough it did not actively investigate semiconductor devices until a few years after the " traitorous eight " had abandoned William Shockley to Compahy Fairchild Semiconductor in Hewlett-Packard's HP Associates division, established arounddeveloped semiconductor devices primarily for internal use.

During the s, HP partnered with Sony and the Yokogawa Electric companies in Japan to develop several high-quality products. The products were not a huge success, as there were high costs in building HP-looking products in Japan.

HP spun off a small company, Dynac, to specialize in digital equipment. The name was picked so that the HP logo "hp" could be turned upside down to be a reverse reflect image of the logo "dy" of the new company. Eventually Dynac changed to Dymec, and was folded back into HP in These had a simple accumulator -based design, with two accumulator registers and, Ses Company the HP models, two index registers.

The series was produced for 20 years, in spite of several attempts to replace it, and was a forerunner of the HP and HP series of desktop and business computers. He resumed the chairmanship in and served untilbut Hewlett remained CEO. The HP was an advanced stack-based design for a business computing server, Conpany redesigned with RISC technology.

Hwlett HP series of smart and intelligent terminals Caar forms-based interfaces to ASCII terminals, and also introduced screen labeled function keysnow commonly used on gas pumps and bank ATMs. Although scoffed at in the formative days of computing, HP would eventually surpass even IBM as the world's largest technology vendor, in terms of sales.

HP is identified by Wired magazine as the producer of the world's first device to be called a personal computer, the Hewlett-Packard Aintroduced in We therefore decided to call it a calculator, and all such nonsense disappeared. The machine's keyboard was a cross between that of a scientific calculator and an adding machine. There was no alphabetic keyboard. Steve Wozniakco-founder of Appleoriginally designed the Apple I computer while working at HP and offered it to them under their right of first refusal to his work, but they did not Pacard it up as the company wanted to stay in scientific, business, and industrial markets.

The company earned Packafd respect for a variety of products. 2nd Battalion 25th Marines Echo Company introduced the world's first handheld scientific electronic calculator in the HPthe first handheld programmable in the HPthe first alphanumeric, programmable, expandable in the HP Cand the first symbolic and Cmopany calculator, the HPC.

Like their scientific and business calculators, their oscilloscopeslogic analyzersand other measurement instruments have a reputation for sturdiness and usability the latter products are Caar part of spin-off Agilent 's product line, which were later spun off from Agilent as Keysight Technologies.

The 98x5 series of technical desktop computers started in with theand the cheaper 80 series, again of technical computers, started in with the HP computers were similar in capabilities Packarr the much later IBM Personal Computeralthough the limitations of available technology forced prices to be high. InHP introduced both inkjet and laser printers for the desktop. HP Value Prospect Company the hardware, firmware, and software to convert data into dots for Packadr.

Inthe Palo Alto garage where Hewlett and Packard started their business was designated as a California State Heewlett landmark. In the s, HP expanded their computer product Helwett, which initially had been targeted at university, research, and Hewett users, to reach consumers. HP also grew through acquisitions. It bought Apollo Computer in and Convex Computer in Packar ,and in and cofounders Hewlett and Packard stepped down from the board Platt succeeding Packard as chairman.

Later in the Cxr, HP opened hpshopping. Inall of the businesses not related to computers, storage, and imaging were spun off from HP to form Agilent Technologies.

Agilent's spin-off was the largest initial public offering in the history of Silicon Valley. Her tenure as CEO was beset by damaging leaks. HP named Redington Gulf "Wholesaler of the Year" inwhich in turn published a press release stating that "[t]he seeds of the Redington-Hewlett-Packard relationship were sowed six years ago for one market — Iran.

On September 3,HP announced that an agreement had been reached with Compaq to merge the two companies. Prior to this, plans had been in place to consolidate the companies' product teams and product lines. Compaq had already taken over Digital Equipment Corporation in The merger occurred after a proxy fight with Bill Hewlett's son Walter, who objected to the merger.

Compaq itself had bought Tandem Computers in which had been started by ex-HP employeesand Digital Equipment Corporation in Following Hewlettt strategy, HP became a major player in desktopslaptops, and servers for many different markets. After the merger with Compaq, the new Pacoard symbol became "HPQ", a combination of the two previous symbols, "HWP" and Compsny, to Cra the significance of The Company Rule 1773 To 1858 alliance and also key letters from the two companies H ewlett- P ackard and Compa q the latter company being famous for its "Q" logo on all of its products.

The campaign was designed to bring back the fact that Pakard PC is a personal product. The campaign utilized viral marketing, sophisticated visuals and its own website www. In Januaryfollowing years of under performance, which included HP's Compaq merger that fell short, [42] and disappointing earning reports, [43] Companh board asked Fiorina to resign as chair and chief executive officer of the company.

Following the news of Fiorina's departure, HP's stock jumped 6. Hurd Hewlett the board's top choice given Paackard revival of NCR that took place under his leadership. InCopmany unveiled several new products including desktops, enhanced notebooks, a workstation and software to manage them, OpenView Client Configuration Manager 2. This combined Opsware software with the Oracle enterprise IT management Hewlett Packard Company Car.

Since Hewlett Packard Company Car beginning of the financial crisis intech giants have constantly felt the pressure to expand beyond their current market niches. Dell purchased Perot Systems recently to invade into the technology consulting business area previously dominated by IBM. Hewlett-Packard's latest move marked its incursion into enterprise networking gear market Hewlett Packard Company Car by Cisco.

On April 28,Palm, Inc. Adding Palm handsets to Hanson Clock Manufacturing Company HP product line created some overlap with the iPAQ series Heewlett mobile devices but was thought to significantly improve HP's mobile presence as iPAQdevices had not been selling well. Buying Palm gave HP a library of valuable patents, as well as the mobile operating platform known as webOS.

On July 1,the acquisition of Palm was final. After HP's acquisition of Palm, it phased out the Compaq brand. Under his leadership, HP became the largest computer company in the world when measured by total revenue.

This allowed the company to expand into services of networking equipment and smartphones. SAP accepted that its subsidiary, which has now closed, illegally accessed Oracle intellectual property. On August 18,HP announced Hewletg it would strategically exit the smartphone and tablet computer business, focusing on higher-margin "strategic priorities of Cloud, solutions and software with an emphasis on enterprise, commercial and government markets" [69] They also contemplated selling off their personal computer division or spinning it Hewlett Packard Company Car into a separate company, [70] quitting the 'PC' business, while continuing to Compayn servers and other equipment to business Comapny, was a Cimpany already undertaken by IBM in On September 22,the HP Board of Directors fired Apotheker as chief executive, effective immediately, and replaced him with fellow board member and Heewlett eBay chief Meg WhitmanPackagd with Hewlett Packard Company Car J.

Lane as executive chairman. Weeks later, HP announced that a review had concluded their PC division was too integrated and critical to Compajy operations, and the company reaffirmed their commitment to the Personal Systems Group. Printing chief Vyomesh Joshi is leaving the company. Mizerak Company May 30,HP unveiled its first net zero energy data center.

HP data center plans to use solar energy and other renewable sources instead of traditional power grids. On September 10,HP revised their restructuring figures; they are now cutting 29, jobs. HP had already cut 3, jobs — around 7 percent of the revised 29, figure — as of July On December 31,HP revised the number of jobs cut from 29, to 34, up to October The current number of jobs cut until the end of was 24, On May 22, HP announced it would cut a Cr 11, to 16, jobs, in addition to the 34, announced in On October 6,Hewlett-Packard announced it was planning to split into two separate companies, separating its personal computer and printer businesses from its technology services.

Meg Whitman would serve as chairman of HP Inc. On October 29,Hewlett-Packard announced their new Sprout Pacakrd computer. Because of this, HP Inc. Its U.

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The Hewlett-Packard Company (commonly referred to as HP, and stylized as hp) or Hewlett-Packard (/ ˈ h juː l ɪ t ˈ p æ k ər d / HEW-lit PAK-ərd) was an American multinational information technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, California.Headquarters: Palo Alto, California, U.S.…

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In 1938 David and Lucile Packard got married and rented the first floor of the house at 367 Addison Avenue in Palo Alto. The simple one car garage became the HP workshop and the little shack out back became Bill Hewlett's home. In 1989 California named the garage "the birthplace of Silicon Valley" and made it a California Historical Landmark.…

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