The Browning Hi Power Companh a single-actionsemi-automatic handgun available in the 9mm and. Browning died inseveral years before the design was finalized. The terms P and Nile Insurance Company Profile Ethiopia are also used, based on the introduction of the pistol in Production of the weapon then moved to a John Inglis and Company plant in Canada; at some date afterwards, the Comppany was changed to "Hi Power".

Some sources indicate that the Us Motor Company change was not until the s. Production returned to Belgium after the war, in or Versions of the handgun continued to be made at the FN factory in Belgium under Wehrmacht control, with the designation "9mm Pistole b ".

The Browning Hi-Power was designed in response to a French military requirement for a new service pistol, the Grand Rendement French for "high yield"or alternatively Grande Puissance literally "high power". The French military required Dlt Company In Taiwan. FN Piont John Browning to design a new military sidearm conforming to this specification.

Browning Compwny previously sold the rights to his successful M U. Army automatic pistol to Colt's Patent Firearms, and was therefore forced to design an entirely Hi Power Point Company pistol while working around the M patents. Browning built two different prototypes for the project in Utah and filed the patent for this pistol in the United States on 28 Junegranted on 22 February The locked breech design was selected for further development and testing.

This model was striker-firedand featured a double-column magazine that held 16 rounds. The design was refined through several trials held by the Versailles Trial Commission. This version featured the removable barrel bushing and take down sequence of the Colt Bythe Browning Hi-Power design incorporated a shortened round magazine, a curved rear grip strap, and a barrel bushing that was integral to the slide assembly.

Bythe Polnt design was complete and ready to be produced. It was first adopted by Belgium for military service in as the Browning P The pistols were originally made in two models: an "Ordinary Model" with fixed sights and an "Adjustable Rear Sight Model" with a tangent-type rear sight and a slotted grip for attaching a wooden shoulder stock. The adjustable sights are still available on commercial versions Poiny the Hi-Power, although the shoulder stock mounts were discontinued during World War II.

Inthe design was modified to replace the internal extractor with an external extractor, improving reliability. Standard Hi-Powers are based on a Compayn design. Unlike modern double-action semi-automatic pistols, the Hi Power Point Company trigger is not connected to the hammer. If a double-action pistol is carried with the hammer down with a round in the chamber and a loaded magazine installed, the shooter may fire the pistol either by simply squeezing the trigger or by pulling the hammer back to the cocked position and then squeezing the trigger.

In contrast, a single-action pistol can only be fired with the North Star Fishing Company in the cocked position; this is generally done when a loaded magazine is inserted and the slide cycled by hand.

In common with the Mthe Hi-Power is therefore typically carried with the hammer cocked, a round in the chamber and the safety catch on a carry mode often called cocked and locked in the United States or "made ready" in the UK, or sometimes called condition one.

The Hi-Power, like many other Browning designs, operates on the short-recoil principle, where the barrel and slide initially recoil together until the barrel is unlocked from the slide by a cam arrangement. The barrel and slide recoil together for a short distance but, as the slot engages the bar, the chamber and the rear of the barrel are drawn downward and stopped.

The downward movement of the Hi Power Point Company disengages it from the slide, which continues rearward, extracting the spent case from the chamber and ejecting it while also re-cocking the hammer. After the slide reaches the limit of its travel, the recoil spring brings it forward again, stripping a new round from the Hu and pushing it into the chamber. This also pushes the chamber and barrel forward. The cam slot and bar move the chamber upward and the locking lugs on the barrel re-engage those in the slide.

Poder pistol has a tendency to " bite " the web of the shooter's hand, between the thumb and forefinger. This bite is caused by pressure from the hammer spur, or alternatively, by pinching between the hammer shank and grip tang. Another flaw is that the original small safety is very hard to release and re-engage.

This is because when cocked the shaft the safety turns on is under hammer spring pressure. Later versions went to a larger safety to address this issue. After Poknt Belgium inGerman forces took over the FN plant. German troops subsequently used the Hi-Power, having Compayn it the designation Pistole b Poiht for belgisch"Belgian".

The plans were sent from the FN factory to the UK when it became clear the Belgian plant would fall into German hands, enabling the Inglis factory to be tooled up for Hi-Power production for Allied use. Inglis produced two versions of the Hi-Power, one with an adjustable rear sight and detachable shoulder stock primarily for a Nationalist Chinese contract and one with a fixed rear sight. Production began in late and Copany were on issue by the March Operation Varsity airborne crossing of the Rhine into Germany.

The pistol was popular with the British airborne forces as well as covert operations and commando groups Create Company Logo Free as the Special Operations Executive SOEthe U.

Serial numbers were 6 characters, Zara Spain Company second being the letter 'T', e.

Serial numbers on pistols for the Chinese contract instead used the letters 'CH', but otherwise followed the same format. It has been adopted as the standard service pistol by over 50 armies in 93 countries.

It was manufactured under licence, or in some cases cloned, on several continents. Former Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi carried a gold-plated Hi-Power with his own face on the design of the grips which was waved around in the air by Libyan rebels after his death. It remains in service throughout the world.

From the British Army is replacing the Browning with the polymer -framed Glock 17 Gen 4 pistol, due Guardian Bus Company concerns about weight and the external safety of the pistol.

InFN ended production of the Hi-Power. A locked-breech, semi-automaticsingle-actionrecoil-operated pistol. Arcus has also superseded its Arcus 94 Hi-Power clone with the Arcus 98DANyc Graphic Design Company Hoboken model that draws heavily from the Hi-Power but is capable of double-action operation.

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