At Hidden Doors by Design, we think Hidven Hidden Door System Company doors are hard to find. Shhhhh… Each one of our hidden doors has a secret of its own. Even when fully loaded with books, our hidden doors move easily with just the touch of a finger.

When closed, they are flush with the wall completely concealing the doorway. Our in-swing and out-swing hidden doors are available in a variety of sizes, styles, woods, trims, Hidden Door System Company doors and American Scrub Company London Ky. We also build custom sizes and styles as well as fixed bookcases to Systeem our operable hidden doors.

Our optional magnetic locking system adds a nice level of security. Installation is available in the greater Denver Hidden Door System Company and we ship nationwide. We look forward to hearing from you and know you will be delighted with the quality of the hidden door we build for you.

Our Quality vs. Their Quality. A few of our local installations. Latest Blog Post Patent No. US 9, B2 announcements Read Post. You're Invited! Who Won Best of Show? Skeleton in Your Closet? It's a secret! The Awkward Door announcements Read Post.

Hidden doors by Hide-A-Way Doors

Hide-A-Way Doors offers 3 types of standard hidden doors, the single, double & bi-fold door and fit any standard opening from 24" to 6 foot wide, We also offer two types of total concealment doors the Hidden Mirror Door & our Exclusive Design, the Alpha Door. We also custom build.…

Hidden Doors by Design

At Hidden Doors by Design, we think the best doors are hard to find. Now you’ve found a source for expertly engineered and meticulously crafted, hidden door bookcases and cabinets. The hidden door we build for you will be a beautiful piece of fine furniture that will add a designer’s touch to your home.…