Though they're small and relatively simple in design, Xiaomi Company Website company logos are actually pretty complex when it comes to messaging. Can you see the secret message? Buried in Hidden Symbols In Company Logos ruffles of the little girl's collar in the Wendy's logo is the word "mom. If you know what the company Cisco does, then you already know that the lines in their Lotos are meant to represent a digital signal.

But what you might not know is that the telecommunications company got its start in San Francisco, and so those lines are also meant to outline the city's Golden Gate Copany. Crazy, right? The arrow in the Amazon logo is placed with a very specific purpose in mind.

If you look carefully, you'll see that the arrow connects the letter A to the letter Zsignifying that on the website you'll find everything you need from A to Z. Every gamer and former '90s and '00s kid knows the Nintendo Gamecube well.

And as the name suggests, the logo is nice and simple: It's just a cube encapsulated in a bigger cube. Seeing as the Bronx Zoo's main attractions are Sykbols many animal exhibits, it makes sense that its logo prominently features two giraffes and a few flying birds. And for this specific zoo, being located in a borough of Copmany York City is another huge identifying factor, so it also makes senses that hidden between the legs of the giraffes is the city's iconic skyline.

Everyone can easily spot the two giant Hershey's Kisses featured prominently Hidden Symbols In Company Logos the center of the brand's logo, but what Hidden Symbols In Company Logos a third kiss? Cimpany for their tortilla chips and accompanying dips, Tostitos has perhaps one of the best hidden logo messages of all time.

Think about Hudden many flavors of ice cream Baskin-Robbins serves. If you don't already know, they serve And in their logo, both the areas they help and the people they serve are represented, seeing as the negative space in the image helps to create both an image of the continent of Orbital Satellite Company and a child looking up at an older woman.

One theory: they were really into their fish sandwiches at founding time. Bern, Switzerland—where Toblerone was founded—is often referred to as the City of Bears. Therefore, when the company created Hidden Symbols In Company Logos logo, it decided to hide the outline of a bear Inn the negative space of the Matterhorn Mountain.

Look at the negative space on either side of the tree in this logo. With just a little bit of focus, you should be able to see a gorilla on the left and a lion on the right. The rainbow colors in the NBC logo are far from random. Rather, combined with the negative white space, these colors create a peacock, intended to represent the company's pride in the programs they create and the shows they broadcast. Ever wonder what those three stripes in the Adidas logo actually meant?

Well, the reason that they're drawn at an angle is because together they represent a mountain, thereby symbolizing the challenges that customers must strive to overcome every day. Though the designer of the Apple logo had nothing in particular in mind when creating the iconic bitten apple, it's nevertheless managed to pick up several secret messages over the years thanks to a feverous fanbase. The name of this French supermarket chain means "crossroads" in English, so it makes sense that their logo features arrows pointing in opposite directions.

The Subway logo features arrows pointing in opposite directions to represent the entrance and exit of a subway station, symbolizing that you can have delicious fast food on the go. Hidden Symbols In Company Logos Domino's first opened, the founders didn't expect the pizza chain to get as big as it did, and so they intended to add a dot to the dominos in the logo every time a new location opened.

However, the company Jp Ross And Company grew too big to do such a thing, and so today the three dots in the logo represent the three original locations.

Paramount's original logo had 24 stars, symbolizing the number of contracted movie stars it had at the time of the logo's inception. The logo has only had 22 stars since the s, though no one is entirely sure where the other two stars went or why.

Of course, it's quite literally the first letter in the brand's name, but the way it's drawn is also meant to look like a push pin because Pinterest boards—get it? All Rights Reserved. Lkgos side menu button. Read between the lines or the negative space. By Morgan Greenwald January 15, Read This Next. Sitting down!? Latest News. What every commitment phobe needs to know.

Don't panic just yet. That food isn't as fresh as it seems Don't miss these flowers in full bloom. Potential pandemic pauses production of popular toy. Ever try the "squeeze technique"?

50 Incredibly Creative Logos With Hidden Meanings

Here are 50 ingenious examples that carry dual meanings in their design. The hidden symbols explain either the nature of the business or are a clever visual representation of its name. The symbolism is obvious in some cases but skillfully subtle in most. All in all, the designers behind these logos seem to have nailed the art direction and ...…

25 Famous Company Logos & Their Hidden Meanings

Mar 03, 2015 · The heart of hidden symbols Other than obviously looking like a big letter “T” for Toyota, the automobile manufacturer’s logo is composed of overlapping ovals, which represent the intersection of their customers’ and company’s hearts. Even the empty space behind the logo represents the boundless opportunities the future may bring.…