Are you a seasoned driver looking to make a fresh start with a new employer? Just like any other industry, some trucking companies offer better opportunities, perks and compensation than others. But this amount may be lower or higher depending on the company you work for, your location and your experience.

The Highest Paid Company Drivers paying Kayak Transport Company companies tend to be located in areas with high living costs, like New York. Aside from New York, some of the highest paying states for truckers include Mississippi and West Virginia. Food distribution is a huge part of the industry and the king of national food distribution is Sysco.

Beyond increased home time, they offer a very competitive benefits package that goes beyond the usual industry standards. With company stock discounts, paid vacations and holidays, retirement plans, etc….

They are also responsive to their driving team and make an active effort and improving driving morale and efficiency. But they do have their own private fleet — and they pay their drivers very well. Walmart will pay for activity, mileage and training too. If you have experience and follow the laws of the road, you should have no problem being considered for a position as a driver. Walmart has one of the lowest turnover rates in the country.

A new addition to our Top Rated list, GP Transco embodies what it means to respect and care for your drivers.

With one of the Bowery Meat Company Duck Lasagna benefits packages in the industry, it is no surprise that they stand apart in terms of having the lowest driver turnover in the industry. John knows that truckers sacrifice a lot for their careers.

He has established a protocol within the company that offers transparency and honest pay. Highest Paid Company Drivers of the larger regional carriers in the South and Southeast, Epes Transport, has grown over time with many successful mergers. They offer a competitive wage for drivers willing to put in the hours. Epes offers Elastogel Company driver jobs and also hires owner-operators looking to take control of their careers.

They use leased equipment only. Acme has a reputation for always paying on time. You haul one week and get paid the next. The company also offers debit cards and direct deposit for convenient pay. Cash advances and fuel cards are also available as well as affordable physical and bobtail damage insurance. Drivers can also participate in the k plan as well as the Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Acme is a great trucking company to work for.

While they do not offer training like CRST, they do offer job opportunities for rookies. ATS offers many different employment opportunities to both owner-operators and those who wish to become a company driver.

Anderson offers flatbed, vans, heavy haul and specialized haul. They offer specialized training classes are also available, so truckers can choose the right division for them. While the company is not ideal for new drivers as they do no have their own CDL training program, they do offer some of the highest pay rates in the trucking industry for those ready to hit the road. ATS offers excellent medical insurance and employee benefits that kick in after 60 days of continuous full-time employment.

Highest Paid Company Drivers exclusive contracts in the oilfield Itac Company industry, they can keep you close to home and offer very competitive pay. Brady takes a different approach to pay and they generally do not pay by the mile or hourly.

Dot Foods offers driving opportunities across the U. S in all 50 states. They will only hire drivers who are within miles of one of their locations. The good news is that they have regional distribution centers and terminals all over the US.

Trimac hauls a variety of products, including: Violet Picture Company, chemicals, dry bulk, oilfield, petroleum, industrial gases and resource commodities.

That gives truck drivers many paths to a rewarding career. For some drivers, home time and short routes may be the priority. For others, it may be a paid cdl training program that helps them get their CDL license. CRST International is another well-known and reputable trucking company that offers job opportunities to both seasoned and rookie drivers. CRST says it offers job security and stability to its drivers. CRST has great benefits too, like twice-a-week paydays and medical coverage from day one of employment.

Disability and accident insurance is also included as well as life insurance. Aside from medical benefits, drivers can also enroll in a k plan 90 days after working. Paid vacations are given and a per diem tax benefit. There are driving opportunities for truckers of all experience levels at CRST. Aside from the top three listed above, other great trucking companies include:. Costco, in general, is an excellent company to work for with great benefits, pay and positive work environment.

Of course, our list is not exhaustive, there are plenty of great trucking companies to work for — and not all of them are big-name. Local companies may offer Highest Paid Company Drivers and pay that compete with or surpass some of the national names on our list. Looking for the best paying flatbed companies, check out our list here. There are plenty of trucking companies out there — but not all of them offer great employment opportunities. The companies on our list offer competitive pay, home time, consistent work and excellent benefits. The top 5 best paid driving jobs

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